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    My wife, my son, and my KTM 1190/R! I'd like to say that it's always in that order... But... You know how it is.

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  1. I think brain dead is an understatement. And the short answer is yes!
  2. I'm excited for this! Can't wait to see how Casey and Brian do!
  3. I'm down 48 lbs since I 1st posted up in here. Only 58 lbs more to go and I'll be happy! LOL. Riding my bike loaded to the gills will still be lighter then riding solo and light used to be! Good luck to everyone fighting the fat loss fight!
  4. That is a Hammerhead brake tip. They do not make a complete assembly. Matches really well though.
  5. Chris Birch is an ANIMAL!!! But seriously, how long are his legs? I can barely tip toe my 1190/R with a 32" inseam, and he's flat footed with his knees bent!
  6. My Touratech version in Orange will be on my doorstep tomorrow when I get home from work!
  7. Lmao. Fortunately there aren't any fashion shows taking place in my boots!
  8. I'm slowly switching over as I wear out all my Under Armour socks. Kilometer 9 is most definitely correct. Once you go Darn Tough, you'll never look back.
  9. A 690 built like that is on my short list of dream bikes... So sexy! I definitely need to make it down there to ride. It looks awesome!
  10. Started Mark Sisson's Primal Diet/lifestyle last Monday. Down 10 lbs today. I by no stretch of the imagination expect this pace to hold, but I'm pretty happy with how it's going thus far.
  11. Lol. I am currently on K60's. Not real impressed with only a few hundred miles on them. I think I'm gonna peel them off and throw a set of tractionater adv's on.
  12. The best commercial I've ever seen! I'm gonna have to order one now.
  13. WOW! Thanks for all the replies fellas! Talk about a ton of info coming hot! So I started Mark Sisson's Primal diet yesterday, which appears to essentially be paleo. I'm currently under 40 grams of carbs for yesterday and today combined. I'm working on upping the fats, but holy cow that's a difficult task when you've been taught your entire life to avoid it. I'm gonna stick super strict to this for a month and see if it works for me. If it does I'll stick with it, if not, reevaluate and develop a different plan. The bummer part is going to be no delicious IPA's... As far as lifting weights I've been doing that for a minute. I'm currently benching 365lbs, dead lifting 405lbs, and squatting 405lbs. The last two I've limited and am raising reps, not trying to go any higher in weight. If I need to work on anything in this department, it would be mobility. Time to start stretching regularly and loosening up. Cardio. My arch nemesis. I started hitting the elliptical 10 minutes a day this week, and will slowly work this up. The weather is getting much nicer, so I'll start walking and/or going on bicycle rides with my son in the evening. I'd eventually like to work in some sprints, but my fat ass needs to get into better shape before that happens. So that's my current plan. I'm working on tracking everything. I'll report back with what is working and what isn't. Keep the info and ideas coming!
  14. Not sure where you'd want it, but how about starting up a fitness thread? ADV related of course. What are people doing to make themselves better riders exercise wise? I'm personally starting to get the move on and hopefully gonna drop 50+ lbs over time. Would love to see a thread with everybody's experiences, what works, what doesn't. And while were at it, maybe a diet/healthy eating one as well? Both for at home, and what people are doing while traveling and on the bike in the bush? Just a thought and something that interests me.
    Work of art really doesn't begin to explain what this piece looks and feels like in your hands. It's absolutely gorgeous! The machining is flawless, and the anodizing is perfect. Visually i don't know what else a guy could ask for. All that being said, and as much as I love bling, I did it all for the nookie! Heh? Really, a Limp Bizkit reference? Nah. I ultimately bought this piece for the added protection. The stock clutch cover seems paper thin, and fragile. The CJ Designs cover is very robust and seems bulletproof. I also like the fact that I can see whats going on, what the oil looks like, etc. It's a window into the motor. The install was simple. I set my bike on its left side, removed the 5 bolts, and pulled the cover. The worst part was switching over the oem gasket. Upon removal I stretched it some. It took some very careful coaxing to get it in the new cover. I'm sure this was my bad. After this I tossed the cover back on and torqued everything back down. Easy peasy. Hold, I lied. The worst part was picking my pig up by myself. Good think I can deadlift a 70's Buick. The whole process took about 15 minutes. That was with messing with the gasket and the help of my 5 year old. I'm sure the 10 minutes CJ quotes is very realistic if your ready to go with the correct tools and what not. Overall I can't advise this piece enough. Whether your into the bling, or your into the protection and inspection capabilities, it can't be beat. Keep making cool s#!t CJ! I'll keep buying!
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