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  1. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    Ugh work. Gets in the way all the time.
  2. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    Yes that's the screen. If your serious about WV. I'm leaving NewYork at 4am on the 18th. Staying at snowshoe mountain the 18th and 19th possibly the 20th too depending on how these loops are. If we don't like the loops we gonna head a bit further south to the Jefferson forest area. Hit me up with a pm and I'll shoot ya my phone number if interested.
  3. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    I went with the OEM screen as it was part on the deal when I purchaced the bike. Triumph at the time was giving you the screen, heated grips, top case, and the rack upon purchase. I like the oem screen so far better wind protection than stock and adjustable. I can give you a better report in 2 weeks after my trip. Or meet me in West Virginia and take it for a ride lol
  4. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    Thx for the welcome. I been adding stuff all winter long lol I'll get some new pics soon. Bryan got the rox risers helped a bunch. Everything else been mainly OEM accessories Engine crash bars Center stand Fog lights Heated grips Panniers Shorty levers Taller screen Pivotpegz I spent enough for a while lol time to ride
  5. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    And a pic
  6. StonedInNy

    Hello adv riders

    Hi all, long time rider here mainly dirtbikes (ThumperTalk member) and some street. Recently got a 2013 tiger and already jonesing to go out and explore. Have a trip planned to WVA in 2 weeks and there's a lot of dirt roads on the map