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  1. ADV Addicts

    ADV Addicts

    Thanks for sharing Eric! The inspiration behind our mug design was those mornings at an ADV Rally or group ride, when someone usually says, "Kickstands up at 8:00AM!" or something like that. That's your cue to be fueled up (literally), geared up, and ready to ride at 8am. So we imagined enjoying a cup of coffee at camp, and once you got to the bottom there's a little reminder for you that you're about to start another adventure on your bike - nothin' better than that! These enamel campmugs are made with old-school techniques in Europe, and have a heavy gauge, steel chassis, so you can use them over a campfire or Jetboil if needed. Thanks for checking these out! More details at: http://www.advaddicts.com/products/adv-addicts-enamel-camp-mug
  2. ADV Addicts

    ADV Addicts

    Hey all, sorry I've been a bit behind on posts, but wanted to share some items from our new headwear collection!
  3. ADV Addicts

    Whassup XLADV! Also from the Bay Area California

    Hey Bryan! The Ducati is a 2011 and the 690 is a 2014. They are basically polar opposites, as you know, haha. One is great on the road, not that great in the dirt, and vice-versa. But to me that's the whole appeal of ADV - you have choices. Which, incidentally, was the inspiration for this tee. I think I know which one this forum would choose
  4. Hey everyone, Dave checking in from the Bay Area. I’ve been lurking for a bit, trying to absorb everything, and it’s great to see this community evolve from the original “Beyond Starbucks” concept to the full-on XLADV forum. Much props to Eric for sticking to his vision of what big bikes were meant to do – they were meant to be ridden of course! So quick background – I started riding sportbikes about 15 years ago, but like many, I loved long-distance travel on 2 wheels. Then when Long Way Round came out in 2004, I was hooked on the whole ADV thing, but didn’t go all-in until a few years ago. Currently I ride a Ducati Multistrada 1200, which I’ve outfitted the best I could for off-road duty. I did a 2,000 mile trip from SF to Baja last year and it held up surprisingly well. Also have a KTM 690 (Medium-ADV, ignore this one, ha ). About a year and a half ago, being completely obsessed with the whole Adventure Riding thing, I remember I was looking for a t-shirt or something to represent that passion. Well, I couldn’t really find any quality options that I liked. I thought, well, the Harley and cruisers have their gear, sportbikers and MX have theirs, and of course the café racer and vintage riders have a lot to choose from. I know there’s that “snowmobile brand” out there that ADV riders like – they have great stuff, but I was looking for something even more hard-core ADV. So that’s how the concept of ADV ADDICTS (www.advaddicts.com) was born. Premium apparel for us. I wanted to do casual stuff for off-the-bike, since there’s plenty of great performance and technical gear for on-the-bike already. So for those times you’re at the campsite, hanging out in a bar with your buddies, or at the mall with your significant other, and you just have to rep ADV – that’s the gear I always wanted but couldn’t find. So I launched the brand to give myself some more options, hoping there were a few others out there who felt the same way! Just as we planned to launch late last year, I had the opportunity to design the gear for the Rally-Raid Products 2015 Dakar Team, which was a great experience. It was really a dream come true, to see our logo on the rally bike, and be a part of the Dakar in a small way. Fast forward to today, and we’re doing our best to put out cool gear for all the super-passionate, ultra-obsessed, ADV addicts out there! Alright, well glad to be a part of this, and looking forward to reading some killer ride reports! Ride safe, Dave
  5. ADV Addicts

    ADV Addicts

    Hey Rainier_Runner, thanks so much for the mad support of our brand!! Not everyone gets what we're trying to do yet, but it really means a lot to us to have someone like yourself represent. Hope to get more feedback from you to see what we can do next. Just to let you know, the large decals we included were a one-off run, intended for some riders we are sponsoring at the Baja Rally in Sept this year. Sometimes I like to do test prints to get a feel of the size and colors, and I thought these would match your KTM well Hope you enjoy all the gear, and if you would like to share some photos with us, please feel free to send to [email protected] - we'd love to feature those on our website and social media. Thanks again!