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  1. hairpinsandgravel

    REVIT Discovery Outdry Boots

    Great looks. Very small to size and extremely tight to close around the calf. Bit on the stiff side when off the bike. Expected more from Revit.
  2. hairpinsandgravel

    Info Needed for Russian Visa

    I did. Not so easy. Easiest might be to get a 30 day multiple entry. Depends on what area of Russia you are planning, but I would highly recommend to cross over to Mongolia for a few days. Danger with that is you might not wish to go back to Russia.
  3. hairpinsandgravel

    RANT…. Who hates the wave?

    I will wave back to anyone, bikes , mopeds ,Vespas, kids ...... What I can't get is all these on bike hysterically waving guys / girls , that when they stop at a gas station , ferry etc will not even nod or say hi.