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    Boot Feedback

    yep, sorry dude, those are the ones I had to cut off my buddy’s foot after riding him 20 miles to the ER with a tib/fib fracture, it was flapping off on the side the whole way - nice visual. Same as my other friend had when he dumped it in the mud, then picked it up and rode himself home with a busted fibula. Me, gotta have hinges.
  2. DocSpook

    Motoz Tires

    Call Slavens, just got a shipment in. may have your size
  3. DocSpook

    Boot Feedback

    You are actually lucky!. I have TWO FRIENDS WHO BOTH BROKE ANKLES WITH FORMA BOOTS!!! They are no better than sneakers!!! I always buy hinged boots like Alpine Star or Sidi, multiple crashes (some with the bikes landing on my foot and being pinned under) and zero issues! Can walk and even hike with Sidi Adventure boots too.