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  1. Maybe it's the higher prices. And I've heard about a lot of problems with them it seems like. I haven't ridden the new water cooled ones yet. But the old oil cooled ones are great. And the price points for them are way better
  2. i might be down to meet up for a ride
  3. Didn't do the center stand or kickstand. Bit sod do the touratech skid plate Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  4. Ripped my girl apart the other day and got a bunch of stuff powder coated. Rear luggage rack, pannier racks, valve covers, crash bars, and windshield brackets, and the old gold had tank side panels. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  5. So far so good. Went on a good trip last weekend. Had my phone plugged into it for a couple hours and the bike still fired right up
  6. It's going in a 1200gsa
  7. Clearing out the garage. I have a set of stock clutch and brake levers along with the shifter. I'm open to offers but I'll start at $25 each. Also have the stock windscreen.
  8. Engine

    Didn't see this till now. Ended up with a battery tender lithium battery.
  9. No body new up here?
  10. Picked up a new battery today. It's a battery tender lithium. Has a 3 c warranty and 4 terminal posts that made it really nice for adding the accessorie wires. It's super light "who cares" and it was a bit smaller. Had to add some foam "included" around the battery. And it was just over $100 shipped.
  11. My 2013 oil cooled gsa needs a battery. besides a shorai what are you guys running?
  12. I'll be there in this with the AC cranked on high with the beer in the fridge. Feel free to stop by if anyone wants.