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  1. Im planning on camping the entire trip......we'll see how this works out I'm going to pretty much copy your packing checklist. Funny with a few small additions i need almost as much for a weekend as i do for a week on the bike. Any more thoughts on the return Trip? I'm going to bow out of the Troy Meadows/Fish camp ride to help finish the Lost For a Reason project in Kayenta. I'm going to put fresh TKC's on the day before i leave but i will have 1300 miles on them by the time i reach Jarbidge, not the best but it will have to do. I'm probably going to make camping reservations unless you don't think it will be necessary.
  2. These are the OBDR tracks; you're right, probably got ahead of myself. But i do have them if needed.
  3. Okay; got the GPS track downloads and maps. I will attempt to post them here, attempt being the key word.
  4. Looks like route 5 is headed in the general direction we would want to be going . 4 sections a total of 750 miles. I will order up the maps which claim to have GPS points.
  5. You were reading my mind Eric.
  6. Any thoughts on the return route? I have to be back in Ca by the 9th but don't really care how i get here.
  7. Yep that's me!
  8. Sounds fun; count me in.