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  1. I approve of this thread! Training for next year at the local dirt bike meet up. Apparently I missed the memo about opening new single track so I was a little surprised when dudes started showing up on 250 and 300 smokers. Sill searching for shade in December... The 640 took it all in stride.
  2. Thats awesome. Yeah, I am all paid up for Calistoga. Just need to figure out changing my flights. See you in Feb!
  3. Looks like an amazing time! Would love to do this next year.
  4. Metal tank guards - have the mounting hardware. OEM Style HID - comes with the ballast and transformer. OEM Silencer - not pictured, but in great condition. Make me an offer.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have to do it again. Bike TBD.
  6. For inspiration:
  7. Man! Thanks for the kind words, but I had it easy next to the guys on truly big bikes. Brian, hows the shoulder? Going back next year? -Chris