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  1. Old Smokey

    Honda XR650R?

    Ah, cool. Yeah I knew there were a bunch of pumper carb conversion options out there, I always thought they were directed toward the L though. I had looked up the parts diagram for the stock R carb and thought I saw a pumper there, but I guess I was mistaken. I'd love to put a flat-slide pumper on my L but just can't justify it at the moment, there are other more important things to put my money into...like more gas and fresh tires
  2. Old Smokey

    Honda XR650R?

    I thought Big Red Pig was reserved for the L series? The L definitely has a CV carb, but I'm pretty sure the R has a round-slide pumper carb. The two bikes can't really be put in the same class. The R is a much more formidable beast than the L is. Regardless...I love my 650L, best bike I've owned! With a few basic mods you can start to narrow the gap between the two models considerably.