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  1. I feel you. Like I said in my last post, the group only gets stronger when you add more to it. Think of it like every person in the group effectively is a hub. Kev
  2. Well, we have had this technology available to the public for almost that long but I'll tell you it took quite a bit of time from idea to fruition. As far as the frequency, I'm not at liberty to say. I can tell you that the signal is line of sight and has some limitations but with the help of DMC™ it keeps the connections alive and repairs on the fly. The effective range is based on the size of the group and the device you choose. SMARTPACK - Up to 4 riders, up to 3 miles / 5 km PACKTALK - Up to 15 riders for a max distance of 5 miles / 8 km [i believe that at 6 riders you reach the max distance] Unlike a bluetooth network (think chain) the DMC™ network gets stronger when you add riders. Kev
  3. Hey All.... The Godfather of XL ADV Eric Hall suggested I start a thread to talk about DMC™ Technology. Here is a run down on what it is to get the conversation started. Give it a read and lets talk about it. - Kev DMC™ What is it? DMC™ is Dynamic Meshwork Communication. You should think of it as a new technology that makes communication and operation of our communicators an step, not a chore. DMC™ takes the procedure and "rules" out of pairing and staying paired. The DMC™ basically is a self healing mesh network that makes your communicator "smart". We have two communicators outfitted with DMC™ at the moment. They are the SMARTPACK and PACKTALK. Both of these units function the same way. Every 150/1000th of a second they poll the network and when issues or adjustments are required, they handle it. Regular bluetooth works well but in larger groups it can become restricting to follow the pairing order. DMC™ will dynamically change as the group expands, cotract, and changes. All on the fly and without your assistance. Once you have made the initial "handshake" with the group, riders in the group can enter and leave at will without touching a button. You are just remembered and brought in when you get within reception range of any member of the group. Advantages: No delay in communication - No mic to activate, it is always on and available. Noise filtering - mic is hot but it does not transmit most to all of the ambient noise when you are not speaking Uninterrupted music while riding - Continue to hear music in the background while communicating and mix the levels via the free SmartSet App Listen and speak with the entire group - Never worry about not reconnecting or cycling through to speak to one person or the other. It is a conference, not a toggle to talk connection. Software Updates - Regular and increasing functionality! IP67 - Water, Dust, and Dirt PROOF for any environment - Street and trail friendly. CARDO GATEWAY - Pair with any Bluetooth communicator from any manufacturer SmartSet App - Free app that controls the headset and communication Voice activated control Bluetooth vs. DMC™. The easiest way to explain it is, Bluetooth is a linear pairing (linked chain) solution while DMC™ is a fluid network that is intelligent and self-healing so that you don't have to think about the intercom, just use them. The Smartpack and Packtalk communicators do use Bluetooth in conjunction with DMC™ and allow users to pair all of their Bluetooth devices and use them as they would with all previous generations (and brands) of communicators. What It Means To You. In a word it is easy. Pairing can be difficult, keeping connections is a shell game and re-pairing every time the group changes takes away from the ride. DMC™ resolves all of these issues by taking care of all of that in the background AND at blazing speed. Here is a video that will help you understand the dynamic capability of DMC™. We started the wireless helmet communicator game and have pretty much continuously innovated motorcycle communication since. This is our most recent item that has changed the game and a giant leap forward. scalarider (aka Kevin)
  4. Hey ADV'rs. Just to let you know we are here to follow along. Yes, we are a vendor but that is not the role we want to play here. Our intention is to see what you guys want & need. Mention firmware updates and announce new products. Most importantly; when we can, offer support. I'll probably be the guy who interacts the most with you guys and gals and I have to be honest, my ability to offer deep support is a bit limited. In a lot of cases, I will most likely refer you to our support team. They are the real pros, I'm just a mid-level hack. Kevin