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    Michelin Anakee Wild

    So I threw them on my 15 1200 GSA and pulled them off and swapped them for TKC 70s. Both the TKC70s and the Wilds are new tires for me. I pulled the Wilds for two reasons: 1: first the noise off the front tire on the road cannot be overstated enough....it's obnoxious (and I have ear plugs in too). 2: It's a knobby tire and unlike the author, I did not feel as comfortable with the grip on the road....the TKC 70s and another tire I have more experience with, the Metzler Karoo 3s are much better performers on road. The Wilds are admirable off road, but I need the confidence on the road too and did not have that confidence with the Wilds on road as I do with the TKC 70s or Karoo 3s. I will save the Wilds for more challenging off road terrain trips, but I would not buy another pair of Wilds in their current iteration.