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  1. Sasquatch

    RANT…. Who hates the wave?

    Did the boob squeeze wave to a bunch of cruiser riders on Highway 20 once. The looks were pretty priceless. Reasonably sure they either thought I giving them some sort of hand signal they didn't know or I was propositioning them Either way I got a good laugh out of it. Keep in mind there are many variations (these are the things running through my mind when I'm riding all the straight flatness that is central WA). There's also the "Centurion cross chest fist salute", "British soldier salute", " Techno dance club fist pump", "standing crotch grab"( like the ADVRider salute, might be considered offensive by some) "excited four year old kid". The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.
  2. Sasquatch

    Yamaha Super Tenere (2012)


    Great bike! Yeah so she weighs a bit, but the big girl can dance!
  3. Sasquatch

    Yamaha Super Tenere 2012

    Great bike! Yeah so she weighs a bit, but the big girl can dance!
  4. Sasquatch

    RANT…. Who hates the wave?

    First time commenter, long term lurker. First of all let me say how great the articles and reviews are on here. Great stuff, keep it up! "The wave": Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I guess do what makes you happy. On the other hand my wife and I often say "what a jackass" ( we use Sena comms and chat all the time) when somebody doesn't reciprocate. It's almost become kind of a running joke to make up ridiculous stories about why they wouldn't wave (troubled childhood, envy that they aren't on an ADV bike, etc). In my experience most of the non wavers seem to actually be Harley (cruiser) riders who appear to be trying to stay "in character". At a minimum you will get a head nod of acknowledgement from me ( except scooter riders. We try not to encourage them ).As for Spyders, we have family who own them, so they get a free pass from us. I like to mix things up, so I might give the "victory salute", the ADVRider salute, or a full high five spastic full arm swing. I've even been known to give an "air tittie squeeze" when I'm bored ( the looks are rather hilarious). Just depends on how I'm feeling at the time. I think we are all out there to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. As social animals we tend to migrate to those who have similar interests, so it's natural for us to do things that might facilitate that interaction. while I don't look at the wave as being obligatory, I do actually like it because I know somebody else is out there having just as great of a day as I am.
  5. Sasquatch

    Greetings from the GFD

    Hello all. Been following XLADV on FB for a few months, and was so impressed with the reviews, I decided to join the forum as a good resource. Always game to learn stuff from people who are more knowledgable than myself. Im 52 and grew up in Spokane. I have lived on both sides of the state and love Washington. Currently reside in the God Foresaken Desert (GFD) and do most of my day rides over here on the dry side. I used to think there wasn't anyplace worth riding out here, but I have since proven myself wrong. Seek and ye shall find..... So I've been doing a lot of "seeking". I got into the ADV scene after buying a 2008 WeeStrom. It was a great bike, but I wanted something that was a little more stable on long stretches of 2 lane. I settled on a 2012 Super Tenere, which I love. My son just bought the Wee from me, so it's close by if I want to visit. Inspired by some rides with the PNW Super Tenere Owners Group, I have been venturing out on more sketchy terrain than my previous nicely groomed forest roads. Last October I took a day ride over section 5 of the WABDR between Ellensburg and Mission Ridge. That started an uncontrollable cascade of events. I toyed with idea of a dirt bike, but wanted something bigger to haul my not so dainty carcass around the woods. I went and rode with a friend on some trails near Odessa. Big mistake. The KTM 500 EXC I rode was phenomenal. So I got my hands on an older 400 EXC recently and the love affair is ongoing. It's been a slightly painful learning experience (been over the bars twice now), but I am no less enamored with that KTM. Still spend majority of my time on the ST but the trail riding is awesome. The wife rides a Triumph Bonneville T100 and a BMW F700 GS low. She's my main riding partner, and has recently been out with me on some tame gravel roads. She's a pretty awesome rider for a person who in 2010 had never ridden before. Well I think that covers it for the most part.