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  1. Jamie Keefer

    Triumph Tiger 800 XRx (2015)


    Compared to others in it's class it was the most comfortable for me. I adore the 3 cylinder engine.
  2. Jamie Keefer

    Triumph Tiger 800 XRx 2015

    Compared to others in it's class it was the most comfortable for me. I adore the 3 cylinder engine.
  3. Jamie Keefer

    Newb to XLADV

    What's up people. I am your classic mid 40's guy (target market for ADV bikes) who got back into Motocross a couple years ago after a 25 year hiatus. I rode street in the 90's as well. After buying a KX450F and joining a local MX club I wanted to do more riding in general and get more seat time so the search for a street legal machine began. I decided on a Triumph Tiger 800 XRx. Almost bought the XCx but wanted a bit more street-centric build knowing that I probably wouldn't be off road enough to justify the 21" front. I am pretty happy with my choice, although if I had it to do all over again I might have picked up the husquevarna 701...I know, totally different beast, but damn that's a nice machine. I almost went with the FE501 which started this whole thing...but I digress. The good news is that with more time commuting and adventuring on the Triumph, it has definitely helped my MX - riding the KX450F is like riding a featherweight 10-speed bike compared to the Triumph. After the street treads wear out on the triumph I may get some 50/50s and do more fire roads, etc. I will say the 19" front does seem like it will wash out easily in the dirt without proper tires. I'll get up on the pegs on the street and in tight turns through rough pavement I can feel a push already. Carving canyons, though, the Triumph holds it's own. Anyway, I hope to make some ADV acquaintances here in SE PA area and get some rides in or at least learn from those more experienced ADV riders. It feels good to be back on two wheels. Peace, Jamie