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    Hey y'all from Georgia

    On my way down from Michigan, currently in KY. I plan to be around Orlando soon for at least a few weeks but I'm a floater so that could very well change. Trying to find some nights/weekend work as I telecommute during the day. Current plan is do deliveries with PostMates in Orlando so I can get paid to fly around on the GS granted it will be a warzone against Orlando Drivers =D I've been looking at some Motorcycle groups on meetup.com but they don't really seem fitting. Florida isn't exactly the ADV capital of the country
  2. jugo23

    Hey y'all from Georgia

    Darn Florida guys =D I'm headed there now so I keep riding all winter. Not very curvy but damn does it beat NOT riding! Any of you southern GA. MS, AL, FL guys want to show me some cool spots, PM me. I don't have shit to do but wander =D