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  1. This needs to be a meme!!!!
  2. This guy likes donuts and works at a nuke plant...
  3. I wanna try the "bronze route" is it really all slab with an airlift to the monument?
  4. That 990 looks a lot dirtier than the AT? Hhhhmmmmmmm......????
  5. The BEST FMAR yet! I took my daughter and we rode 2up all over the place! Always the best crowd and Jesse is an incredible host. We slabbed it to Bryce Canyon The first day, stopping at Rubys diner for all you can eat before going all the way into Bryce. Magnificent views and the best daddy daughter time together. Next day was a mix of Sand rock gravel and about a 200 mile ride north fork to duck Creek then to Cedar something, then on to The backside of Zion, all the way up to the mystery ranch. A few sections of soft sand, but surprisingly easy with rider on the back. With the extra weight the back tire stay planted and I was able to blast through those sections of sand. Views from the mystery ranch were absolutely incredible. If you didn’t make this ride, you missed out on a huge treat. The next day was about another 200 miles heading out to the north rim to have lunch on the edge of the Grand Canyon, then up to crazy jug, then threw a couple of Rocky sections that cut across through to road #22? This road is the main connector from 29A that leads you up to crazy jug. That was an awesome section double track with lots of rocks that we blasted through. I think the best part of that ride was that everyone was of the same writing ability. We can all remember a ride where we were not matched with riders. It either makes for a bad day, or bad feelings as some people either aren’t as fast as others or ride way too fast for the group. Another interesting fun fact. There were almost as many ATs as KLRs! That is getting to be a popular bike! I am considering getting one... or a 1090! All in all it was an incredible week for us. Lots of wildlife running around that in itself was a treat. The last night just see you through a big dinner party for all the riders and even included some awesome raffle prizes. I was lucky enough to win a set of MotoZ tires! WTH! I never win anything! It’s worth saying again that this rally was the most awesome flying monkey rally ever! I will bring my entire family next year. A2BE20A6-6D59-4583-9A2A-F79192271F17.MOV
  6. Actually it's more of a suggestion to improve XLAdv... How about more contrast or color on the forum? It would help to separate topics, pics, posts, whatever.... Im sure I would spend more time navigating this site if it was more "eye" friendly. Thank you for your time.
  7. Epic ride!
  8. It was at Pismo Beach! that place gets crazy busy and most always has an offshore wind/ breeze of 20-40 mph so it's not so glamorous. Me and a friend rode up through Carmel Valley and up the coast. Highway 1 is closed in about 6 places so you really can't ride all the way up. One of the best Moto camping trips yet....
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