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  1. Ducati and Triumph had better sales than last years.
  3. RidingGearApparel

    This is the catalogue for the new Klim motorcycle products for 2017, with pricing, this is where I got the early information about the Carlsbad and Kodiak jackets that a dealer shared with me, it was for use in booking orders. Details are sparse but expect them to be available late January early February when dealers get their booking orders. Provided by a member on, It's safe to download just select download and continue.
  4. Definitely not street legal for North America, I meant as a single cylinder Adventure bike with the added fuel capacity, updated suspension, quieter exhaust. Think/dream of it as a long awaited replacement for the 640 Adventure.
  5. Some nice pics after the video, ooohhh it looks so ready
  6. Well at least more pictures are free.
  8. More here
  9. Wait ..... where's all the trees, the babbling brooks and waterfalls, the mud, the flora and fauna? I guess camels are not encountered on your desert rides either. ;-P
  10. Well apparently they will have an "Adventure model", just not as prepared for Adventure as its big brother
  11. If you recall Husaberg (which KTM owned) was also PDS and before the Husky buyout from BMW KTM's plan was to do the same as they are doing with Husky, expanding the product range. So who knows we may have been talking about Husaberg right now and it still may have shared the PDS. Having two different suspensions now as well as two separate R&D facilities does allow them to continue development of both at the same pace, maybe one will eclipse the other or nothing will change.Interesting comment from another recent interview that sales gains in general have steadily risen since Roger Decoster joined KTM supercross team. From Jon-Erik Burleson KTM's US president : “It was a challenge! The first obstacle was to try and relate motocross sales to supercross racing; you’ll never see a good penny come out of that. It is a struggle. I can only really speak for the United States but supercross is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, so for a brand to do well in supercross has a positive benefit on everything you do. We sell more spare parts because of supercross, we sell more Adventures because of supercross. Our biggest sales gains came in every segment except motocross when Roger joined our group. I live, sleep, eat and breathe the American market every day so we see supercross and we see the 60,000 fans every weekend. When you witness market share gains in other areas of your business then that’s where it all ‘clicks’. Maybe it can be hard to grasp by watching it from a vast distance. For my personal career I have two or three inflection points, and for our company and brand there are also these key ‘moments’ and I think one of those was the day that Roger decided to join the company and it is a move that has had far-reaching results.” And with success of brands come brand loyalties, and as a dealer you have to accept potential customers still don't have to buy the KTM they could be buying another brand, be it a blue, red or green. Be thankful that both KTM and Husky are doing well in Supercross, it bodes well for the company's future.
  12. And if Canadians are to be trusted. Since KTM/Husqvarna are one. Word has it Husqvarna will debut their version of the Adventure bike first, around the same time as KTM debuts their 790 Duke, followed eventually by KTM's version of the Adventure. We may actually be looking at the Husky version. ?????
  13. Lots of pics -
  14. I think this would have made a better Adventure series bike than their 1200 does. You never know, it still might happen.
  15. That member is you!