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  1. nibby

    1090R Side Stand - yes or no

    thanks for replies. I've gone without at the moment. The idea is that if I continue to run tubeless I can hopefully run sealant and plug if needed. I will probably end up with one but atm holding out Bike still needs running in until 1st service then I'll see what it's really capable of on the dirt. Great so far though and it will never look this clean again
  2. nibby

    1090R Side Stand - yes or no

    Would you? I'm picking up a new 1090r shortly and have the option from the dealer to fit a centre stand. My first thought is to keep it off. I have a paddock stand at home for lifting the rear and on my current 950 the only time I use it is for oiling the chain if I'm on a trip and obviously changing a rear flat. But with the 1090 being tubeless there should be less of a reason to change a rear as I can just plug if needed. Benefits of not having one for me would be the weight/looks I'm still 50/50 though. mmmmnnnnn..........
  3. nibby

    New Uk checking in

    Thanks Eric. Photos first and last in the UK - Yorkshire area, the middle two Morocco. All the best
  4. nibby

    New Uk checking in

    Just found the site, looks great and looking forward to spending more wasted hours on the Intenret now i've found it North West UK Merseysde area, currently riding a KTM 950 but thinking of selling in the new year for a 1090 R - not sure yet as the 950 is so good. We shall see..... Cheers