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  1. I second the idea of a historical section of the Garage.
  2. My name is James. I began riding large ADV bikes in 2013, starting with my DL1000. I soon graduated to the R1200GSA LC. After MUCH success in the ADV segment, I've decided to now apply myself to more suitable bikes, such as the KTM 690R, for desert racing.
  3. Nice set of..... Bikes!
  4. Hi Craig, welcome! I'm pretty new myself, but know I lot of the cats on the site, and I have to say all are some quality folks. Stay warm in Cali, and post up some pics man
  5. Need some knobbies Nice looking bike !
  6. Nice. We need to catch up, soon. IDK your schedule, but maybe need to take me a trip out to see ya !
  7. Exactly. I am thinking 690... Or back to 525 EXC. Would love to be on the 1200GSA again, but for what I love doing, I don't see me getting a GS for awhile. Know of any 690 Rs out there Eric?
  8. If this technology proves effective, it will cause a huge price drop in the current lighting market. Clearwater Lights will prob lose 30% in profit to stay competitive.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. From the album 2014 R1200GSA

  11. From the album 2014 R1200GSA

  12. From the album 2014 R1200GSA

  13. From the album 2014 R1200GSA

  14. From the album 2014 R1200GSA

  15. From the album 2014 R1200GSA