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  1. crashall23

    Wild Ass XLADV Member Deal

    I bought the Wild Ass air/gel seat from whoever was at the AIM Expo in Vegas this year. When they sold me the seat they told me how to set it up and assured me it would fit my Triumph Tiger and my Harley Street Glide (that was true and correct). I have been very happy with this seat. I just did the Geico Adventure rally and my team and I covered over 600 miles in 3 days with some off-road a lot of on Road. I rode my Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200. I set the seat up with about one breath of air into it I liked the way the airlock works It felt like it was quality because of its use of metal and not plastic. It is sturdy and seems as though its not going to fail. That sentiment goes for the entire seat it's high quality and very comfortable. I had a different brand of gel seat cover on before trying this and that seat only added some comfort amd only for awhile longer than not using it at all. I highly recommend purchasing one of these seats. Just for some background, because of my job I rode 12 hrs a day 3-4 days a week for 6 years on a Harley Road King. Ive since been promoted and no longer ride at work. I wish I'd had this seat cover during that time.
  2. crashall23

    WildAss Motorcycle Air Cushion

    I bought that seat pad at the AIM show and used it recently during the Geico Adventure rally. It was excellent and I highly recommend it over any gel seat.
  3. crashall23

    Leatt New Member Promo

    Hi, my name is Justin. I am in the east bay near San Francisco. I ride almost everyday. I have a Harley Davidson Road King, a sportster I've turned into a scrambler and a Triumph Explorer 1200. I have not used my explorer for what it was designed for yet. This spring I will find somewhere to take it off road. I'm @bandolerosoffury on instagram, of course I would like the Leatt discount code.