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  1. Hi I thing I finaly find the right thread. I am ilias and I am from Greece. I ride a KTM 990 ADVETURE ORANGE '08 MODEL.I am first writing here and i really like this leat jacket and I don't want to lose this 35% of enduro 5.5 Gpx.I tag two of my friends on insta. my insta name is ilias.990CF
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  3. Hi everyone. My name is Ilias and I am from Greece. I love riding big adveture motorcycle and that moment I have a KTM 990 Adveture Orange '08 model and I love them. I have a question about the 35 % of Leat Gpx 5.5 enduro jacket. I search all over the site and I didn't find anything about promo code of 35% of. I tag 2 of my friends to insta and then I came here to findicate the promotion code but nothing. Any ideas ?