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  1. TJADV

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    I bought one to try it out and ending up sending it back. Like HeavyHustler says, the fact that you had to wear the neck brace over the jacket and not in the body protector slots was a deal breaker for me. The zip off collar makes it look like the jacket accommodates the neck brace/ body armor integration, but it just doesn't. It just zips off revealing a regular jacket collar. I guess it's designed more as a dust/rain cover and to keep you warmer in cold weather. Everything else was great about the jacket, but I couldn't get past the wonky neck brace integration. I'm looking for a Acerbis Desertika or Fox legion Brace jacket at the moment.
  2. TJADV

    Leatt New Member Promo

    Hey everyone, my name is TJ and I am addicted to dual sport riding