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    this just might be the sweet spot between a 550 pound ADV and a gutless KLR. i have owned both.
  2. Serious flashbacks to the late '70s... A kid in my Norwalk neighborhood had a gold/bronze one and we tore up his back yard with it.
  3. I am looking for an extra set of wheels for my 2010 KTM 990 Adventure. OEM or aftermarket will suffice, prefer used but in good condition.
  4. Neat!
  5. I have got to hand it to you Roderik, not many people would have the courage to search out and apologize to groups (large or small), as you have just demonstrated. Double thumbs up to you for taking the time and resources to set things right. In America, we would call that "Having huge huevos"
  6. Just got a 2017 690 Enduro. I waffled a lot between the 701 and the 690 and it really came down to the price. I got the 690 for close to $1700 less than the 701. That means I can start farkling away immediately. I rode it home on the freeway for 55+ miles. That is the smoothest thumper I have ever ridden. If the new motor is even smoother, you may as well install highway pegs. Looking forward to some dirt riding soon.
  7. I still have the 990, there is an interested party in Mammoth that may drive down and pick it up in a few weeks. I sold the SUPER TENERE and was able to pick up a brand new 690 for a very good price. The only mods I intend to do at the moment are Skid Plate, crash bars and rear plate. I will ride the 690 to the Jimmy Lewis event and (expenses pending) to the Spring Rally. If the 990 doesn't sell before then, I might trailer both of them and have a spare for 'testing' purposes. If Eric's bike is still having gremlins, it would be a good backup option.
  8. A definite maybe. I have the Jimmy Lewis school the weekend before this event. I might be tapped out....
  9. I lightened up the 990 by removing a cylinder...
    on coming traffic is going to HATE you at night but, you can see so much more with this bulb over the stock one.
    makes the front end look like an offroad bike. best solution to the stock fender if you ride in mud and get it caked on the front wheel. yaknowwhatImean?
    step TWO with the intake modification
    first step in gaining HP and smoothing out the intake.
    Loud AF. Dropped some serious weight with this installation
    super easy to get to the filter now.