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  1. Following.
  2. WOW! that is one pretty looking GS.
  3. Being genuine and the "no BS" aspect of this site is what attracted me at first. I like the honest reviews, the thoughtful dialogue and the minimal amount of 'flame wars' that are part of this community. I have been on plenty of forums where the primary objective to any asked question is to point out what a dumb-ass you are for not using the SEARCH BAR and wait for a dozen others to take a dump down your neck until someone potentially gives you some assistance. That does not happen at this web site. (unless I started it by accident) This site is also not shoveling advertisements at us with sponsor driven agendas. Example: an older forum used to harass you if you mentioned any other tire than DUNLOP. Why? Sponsors were footing the bill for the website. So far no one here has told me to Eff-off as of yet, so I am sticking around. Keeping it honest and consistent, right here at XLADV.
  4. As soon as I get the new chain and sprockets swapped out, I can participate. Is it getting towards the hotter side of riding season? I need a few shakedown rides before High Sierra.
  5. Any reasonable offer will be considered. This suit is literally taking up closet space at the moment.
  6. Hey there Billy! Nice ride. I am in Vista, if you know of any relatively close areas to ride on the weekends, just let me know.
  7. Via SurveyMonkey it was from AltRider. If the link works, this should re-direct you to it: http://altrider.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ecbe7ff5bebbc4c842c103483&id=25e2e7fa44&e=b5097522ea if not, it is coded to my user information.
  8. I recently received an invitation to take an online ADV survey. (I usually shove these right into the spam bin) As I was going through the survey, I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite ADV forum listed:
  9. I guess this is old news... it was in ADV Pulse in February. http://www.advpulse.com/adv-rides/darien-gap-motorcycle-expedition/
  10. While surfing through FB and the Overland areas, I ran across this group: https://www.facebook.com/wheretheroadendsmoto/ I am going to follow these guys and their ADV trip because this looks like it could be EPIC!
  11. Intrigued and following!
  12. bought new two years ago for a little over $1100. I did not intend to "outgrow" this suit but I like beer too much. Looking for best offer.
  13. If Eric throws an LC8 riders meet, I would attend and soak up all of the knowledge you long term 990 owners have. Aside from dialing in the forks and shock, I need to install a skid/bash plate and bar risers.
  14. So far I can only comment on how it was during the 75 mile I-15 ride home. It is not as graceful or confident at 85 MPH as the Tenere. But that is not what I bought it for. It seems to have a fueling/timing issue. It falls on its face for a half second when accelerating from a dead stop. It feels like the 640ADV when riding it. Man, this thing is slim and small compared to the GS Adventure or the Tenere... which is why I bought it. This is the "BIG BIKE" that I always wanted and am hoping it makes me a better rider. I need to get the suspension sorted and the fueling remapped. Then to test it as HIGH SIERRA!
  15. I found and purchased a second bike!