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    Geek items. Computers, motorcycles, hoards of topless bikini models and a vast supply of funds. Still working on those last two.

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  1. WarpedRotor

    Relocated to Mesa, AZ

    Clarification.... Sunday the 30th, through most of 4th of July week.
  2. WarpedRotor

    Relocated to Mesa, AZ

    Going to ride parts of the Mogollon near ShowLow all next week. Two of us on 690's figuring out our limits. Give me a ping if you are up for a day ride.
  3. WarpedRotor

    Relocated to Mesa, AZ

    I lived in Mesa for 30+ years. Nice town. Summers are brutal but you can ride all over the place all year long.
  4. WarpedRotor

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Just saw these for the first time, thought I would share.
  5. WarpedRotor

    Lark Canyon OHV (East SD County) ride - May 23/26

    I would go but I can't take off Thursday and Friday. Is this the location? Lark Canyon OHV
  6. WarpedRotor

    8th Annual High Sierra Rally

  7. WarpedRotor

    Mojave 2019

    A quick upload of the photos I have. Most are not from riding or action shots as I was using every bit of my mediocre skill set to stay on the bike while in the loose stuff. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP0KUWcBmqZKjH3MhGsMsTlzA9S0O8sKN9PiaXj7g3MGjIyhqhnwBQRIn7816G_qg?key=LThNMmFlUmtNd3JRaUdSZklBSGhqZ1VrLUI1OTNR If anyone hiked the Hole in the Wall across from the campsite, this was what you would have seen: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO9Yk5r6zFTTi_ZFYXy4KRs66JzxoPTz1oWqcBWz55sGfhbQBI6FG5MGtlHJtsMyg?key=RGFsNDk5VnIyd0FaQVpVNnhKYWNyTUYzSjBmOWl3
  8. WarpedRotor

    Wolfman Luggage Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags

    Work better on the 690 than on the 990 in my opinion. Durable, easy to open and close, dry bag is included.
  9. WarpedRotor

    Doubletake Mirror Adventure Mirrors

    tons better than stock, easy to fold, easy to adjust.
  10. WarpedRotor

    Safari Tanks USA Long Range Gas Tanks

    doubles the fuel range. Adds "knee placement" for old school dirt bike control. Takes about four hours to install if you are meticulous.
  11. WarpedRotor

    Black Dog Cycle Works Skid Plates

    Heavy duty bash plate. Has to be in everyones top five for toughness. Fit and finish are top notch.
  12. WarpedRotor

    Tusk Panniers and Racks

    690 Tusk Rack and rear top plate.
  13. WarpedRotor

    Los Angeles-Based Off-Road 1-2 Day Rides

    Anyone want to try the "Beyond Starbucks Gold" route on November 3rd, 17th or December 1st?
  14. WarpedRotor

    High Sierra Ride 2018 Video ? ? ?

    Thank you for sharing. Also, I was giving that drone the finger every time it flew over me. I thought it was from the drunk, loud assed toy haulers behind us. I apologize if I ruined any video...
  15. WarpedRotor

    Honda Mean Mower

    Sounds like a CBR1000RR.