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  1. Still hunting for an equally farkled out 690 or 701 as a trade. Price drop to $8500.
  2. If you put together another "noob/Intermediate" ride like this before April, let us know.
  3. Very clean, looks to be in good shape. Loads of fun to be had with that bike!
  4. Looking for a solid $10,000 loads of upgrades
  5. Does anyone have an equally farkled out 690 that they would want to trade for a bigger bike?
  6. Even in group riding, I still follow this principle. "I will not go faster than I am willing to fall down."
  7. Lingering injuries are going to dictate that I need a lighter bike or to get out of off road riding.... I am going the lighter bike route until I am forced out all together. The build is here: http://warpedrotor.blogspot.com/2017/06/ktm-990-adventure-part-1.html there are three parts to the build. A list will follow in a future edit. I purchased it gently used and mostly stored from a fellow in Riverside. I am the 3rd owner. Mileage is 37,415. I am entertaining offers at the moment and super conflicted about selling it. But as you can see, I have a spare bike. I have roughly $13,000 into it at the moment and have all of the stock components to include side bags and tank bag. See stock photo. As purchased: KTM OEM Gobi Panniers Garmin Zumo 550 GPS w/Touratech locking dampening mount Heated Grips, Kaoko Throttle Lock cruise control, Black Dog Side Stand Relocation Bracket Oil Drain Hose Kit, KTM Tank Bag Super Plush Suspension valved/tuned forks for a large rider. Crash Bars, Radiator Guard MotOz Tractionators with 150miles on them Next valve check/service interval due at 43,000 miles Waterpump upgrade at 35788 miles (CJ Designs ) Detailed Service Records and receipts from previous owners. Cyclops LED headlight, PowerCommander V with dual mode switch, New fork seals and oil, Black Dog skid plate. Rottweiler Graphics kit, SSO pipe and Yoshimura exhaust, SAS plate removal, Dog Box installation, fueling dongles, Foam Air Filter (airbox removal)
  8. A great example of what a portion of this site is all about. Here is a piece of kit that just doesn't hold up to off pavement riding. I could have saved a lot of $$$ on items throughout the years if I had been more forum savvy. +1 from my Google Plus...
  9. The first two weekends in November are no bueno for Senor Warped. I am determined to get this ride completed before April 2018.
  10. LMAO I also agree, I don't think I have it in me to compete at that level in that terrain. However, a multi day ride through parts of it at a leisure pace sounds fantastic. When are you going to schedule a group ride Eric?
  11. Welcome to the forum. Keep the RTW journal going. You and Paul have a great journey!
  12. I plan on riding there this Saturday also. Look for the Yellow Tenere.
  13. I am interested. I probably fall into the intermediate category, until you throw some sand/silt into the mix. Then I either ride too slow or fall a lot. I have been trying to find the OHV area outside of Temecula. If you are interested in riding in or around that area, let me know.
  14. Where "outside of Temecula" is this dirt riding area?
  15. At about 3:13, super squish!