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  1. The first two weekends in November are no bueno for Senor Warped. I am determined to get this ride completed before April 2018.
  2. LMAO I also agree, I don't think I have it in me to compete at that level in that terrain. However, a multi day ride through parts of it at a leisure pace sounds fantastic. When are you going to schedule a group ride Eric?
  3. Welcome to the forum. Keep the RTW journal going. You and Paul have a great journey!
  4. I plan on riding there this Saturday also. Look for the Yellow Tenere.
  5. I am interested. I probably fall into the intermediate category, until you throw some sand/silt into the mix. Then I either ride too slow or fall a lot. I have been trying to find the OHV area outside of Temecula. If you are interested in riding in or around that area, let me know.
  6. Where "outside of Temecula" is this dirt riding area?
  7. At about 3:13, super squish!
  8. Eric, This was my third year and I had a great time, as usual. In my opinion, you have not done anything drastic or out of the ordinary for an event coordinator. There are only so many checks and balances you can do for free before the cost gets passed down to the attendees. I thought you handled the situations as well as could have been expected. I hope those folks that caused all of the ruckus will take their pride out of the equation and see it for what it was. I also hope that they will try and attend a future event the correct way so we can all enjoy the camaraderie. Looking forward to next year and checking the event calendars for the remainder of the year. I have to ride that 990 a little better.
  9. I also put this on the Facebook page FYI - Brown's Owens River Campground returns two locations on Google. The one you are looking for is: 6766 Benton Crossing Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 weather forecast - might consider some wet weather gear. Last year I rode with light thermals on under my pants and jacket. Worked great in the morning, had to strip them off at lunch.
  10. Maintenance and upgrades are nearly complete for High Sierra 2017. Time to have fun!

  11. Eric, I was just browsing the 10 and new 10C Evo. The more I watch ride reviews like yours and others, the more interested I am in having a video feature. I will probably pull the trigger on one this weekend.
  12. That is the color scheme that I absolutely love! Waiting for your review.
  13. Pic of Ducati please....... I need more photos of things I cannot afford.
  14. wow... I like that.
  15. Cycle Gear in San Marcos said that the 20S is in stock, the 20S Evo is due to arrive in two weeks and the 30k is due by the end of September.