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  1. That is the color scheme that I absolutely love! Waiting for your review.
  2. Pic of Ducati please....... I need more photos of things I cannot afford.
  3. wow... I like that.
  4. Cycle Gear in San Marcos said that the 20S is in stock, the 20S Evo is due to arrive in two weeks and the 30k is due by the end of September.
  5. For the last two High Sierra rides, I have been using the Scala Rider Cardo 90x system with my friend Kevin. I think we were the only people using those, nearly everyone else was on a Sena device. This year I want to change out and get a Sena. But which model? They have teased me for half a year with the 30K ($330) and it does not look like it will materialize before September. I was going to get the 20S ($300) and saw that there is a 20S Evo ( also $300) being offered. But sadly OUT OF STOCK for the Evo. It is so frustrating to want an advertised newer model but have to settle for a model that will soon be phased out shortly after purchase. As Fred Flintstone once said: "mumble-grumble-frazzleracking-brizzlegrump"
  6. That video is hilarious. The FROZEN tattoo made me chuckle.
  7. If this guy can seal a screen door on a boat, it should work for your Zippers! Maybe Klim should use this. ~insert sarcasm~
  8. I may have missed the point but, if I were to spend upwards of $1000 to $1800 USD on a jacket and it didn't perform flawlessly in all conditions, I would be irritated also. this one, right?
  9. That looks horrible. i would be FURIOUS to have that happen while riding. Glad to see that all parties were able to walk away from that accident.
  10. That F2R set up look field tested!
  11. topic title reads SIDE STAND, content is about CENTER STAND. but, answering the question. I have been with and without one in the desert and had to change a flat tire. Resources can be scrounged to get the bike up on the belly pan or you could just tip it over and work on it laying on its side. I always carry a bit of gear and factor in the center stand as a "nice to have it when needed" item.
  12. In Vista myself. We should grab a coffee and talk rides one day.
  13. V4's sound fantastic with the right exhaust. I dig that bike.
  14. sign me up.
  15. Following.