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    Hi everybody I'm Oswaldo (ozzie) from Miami. We have a riding group calles #floridaoutdooradventures (and a youtube channel that goes with it created by my friend Alberto). We are all adventure riders and would love to welcome you to contact us if you are in Miami should you want to go for a ride. There are not too many great places to do adventure riding in South Florida but we certainly try to make the best of it. I own a Tiger Explorer 13. Love it. Ride it everyday to go to work. Had a Tiger 800 and then upgraded for this 1200K. I'm just a sucker for this engine. The bike is a bit top heavy and I'm not a tall person but man I love to ride it specially in long trips. Not much of a dirt rider but I man up when I have to and have no problem with being last! Have a great day everybody and I look forward to being an active member in this community. Best Ozzie.