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  1. SOLD and thanks
  2. Hmmmm.... sounds interesting... Good thing to take all the training you can, especially since you do have a BIG bike. Pretty brave to start out in the dirt on one. Might be worth it to spend some of that dough on a beater dualsport to practice offroading skills. But that's just an idea. Cheers Em!
  3. I have 2 black 31L Zega boxes, looking to swap on for a 38L of the same. Randy [email protected]
  4. These are going for about $350. The rugged motorcycle mounts can be had for $30 retail, which I have two of. Let's make a deal!
  5. Mine is a 600. I’ll post pics later
  6. Sold my 450EXC so this may as well go. I have farkles to add to the new GS. Good condition. Bought new a few years back. I have two motorcycle cradles so that one can swap from bike to bike aswee. I believe it's a 600 or 650. I'll have to check, so I'm just throwing this out there. best reasonable offer. E-me for deets and I'll get them for you. [email protected] Randy
  7. You selling the aftermarket parts of that baby?
  8. ....a while back but seems we have some Orange fans herer...
  9. Worn only 500 miles or so on several short day rides. Just in time for cooler weather, this jacket is perfect comfort! And it's inexpensive. You get the pads. You get the durability. You get the prestige of the BMW logo on your riding apparel. All at a fraction of list price. I really like this kit, it's currently my go-to jacket to grab and go. Plenty of room inside for layering and my heated vest. However it's just a bit too long in body for me, so I'm going back to my Rukka jacket. You will not be disappointed. Includes all armor including back armor. $300 plus shipping, PayPal or Cash. E-mail me: [email protected] I can text as well if you e-mail me ahead of time. I'm in Socal. https://www.drive.com.au/bike-news/bmw-comfort-shell-jacket-and-pants-20100422-14td2.html
  10. Drop me a line at [email protected] I might be your dog. Randy in Acton, CA
  11. SOLD
  12. Fits all GS 05-13 Less than 5K miles, bought new for appx $400. Asking $250 shipped to the CONUS.
  13. Less than 4000 miles, excellent condition, all hardware original box and instructions. EPA approved, same or quieter than the OEM muffler with a nicer tone, and freer flowing. I used it with Remus cat-less headers and it was still no louder than stock. $250 shipped within the CONUS