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  1. Yeah they make good stuff. Out here in the SoCal desert the Traverse jacket and Dakar pants are my go to for offroad. Funny. Until this thread I didn't realize the stuff was from Idaho, always thought they was foreigner threads...
  2. Here! Here!...all about the riding! And I wear Klim too
  3. Thank you. And I do apologize for my Trump comment. But this is a rather politically related thread according to the first OP.
  4. ...yeah, I believe all that you just said, and with a some reserve, and you should too. Be wary, be very wary. In which case you know nothing about me. If or not that I carry, who employs me, nor whether I am tribal. "Seig Heil!"??? America's radical Right is more like it.
  5. They look pretty good. Probably be quite successful, along the lines of the Pirelli Scorpion Rallye STR. which is a great tire.
  6. ...well so what, Mr Rev'it s right, 'Merica is retarded, if not just plain stupid. We don't vote, we suck up the media (all media), but we vote a Trump into the highest office in the land. Having said that, I just bought a new Rev'it Sand 3 suit.
  7. I wore good knee pads under the Klim pants. I would have bought braces had I ever found that they actually provided support, for instance, in standing. But I guess they don't. Mainly they are for if you have a knee injury to protect, or, they are for aid in keeping your knees from twisting. Not many pro riders wear them I suspect.
  8. Ask Motorrad for some free stuff...at least
  9. Hmmmm.... sounds interesting... Good thing to take all the training you can, especially since you do have a BIG bike. Pretty brave to start out in the dirt on one. Might be worth it to spend some of that dough on a beater dualsport to practice offroading skills. But that's just an idea. Cheers Em!
  10. I have 2 black 31L Zega boxes, looking to swap on for a 38L of the same. Randy [email protected]
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