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    Reasonable upgrade for the OEM harsh forks.
  1. 1 review

    http://www.ridejbi.com/jbi-suspension-pro-valve-ktm-690-enduro-r/ http://www.ridejbi.com/jbi-suspension-pro-valve-tech-specs/ From their site: Model fitment: 2014-2018 KTM 690 Enduro R Improves fork plushness & ride comfort over small/medium bumps Provides sufficient bottoming control Better ride quality on road & off-road Improves sensitivity of fork compression & rebound adjustment clickers Features integrated "sub-valve" technology inspired by high end suspension systems Sub-valves provide an additional path/circuit for oil flow (damping) Improves initial breakaway fork "feel" Symmetrical high flow 4 port base valve piston design High flow piston features hard anodize finish Constructed with high strength long lasting materials Aerospace 7075 aluminum 18-8 stainless steel 316 stainless steel Easy install Remove oem base valve & replace with JBI Pro Valve, no other mods needed.
  2. I don't think they need any other protection that the armor plates that are on them already.
    Less slip, harder lever
  3. 1 review

    https://rekluse.com/product/torq-drive-clutch-adventure/ Higher performance manual clutch.
  4. Wrote about this in my first post in this thread. It also can be seen in every photo out there; the 790 Duke has been out for a year, also with a cable clutch. How is this news? Is the 790 Duke made in China?
    Excellent stuff for strapping luggage. https://www.perunmoto.com/collections/ktm-690-enduro-enduro-r/products/ktm-690-enduro-smc-heel-guards
  5. 1 review

    replacement for OEM plastic heel guards, made of 5 mm aluminum AlMg3, powder coated to matte black, perfect strapping points for rack-less bags (Mosko Moto Reckles 40andReckless 80; KriegaOverlander 30; AltriderHemisphere Saddlebag; WolfmanRolie Saddle Bag system,E-12 Saddle Bags,Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags,Enduro Dry Saddle Bags,Enduro UltraLite Saddle bags; Giant loop saddlebags etc.) all edges chamfered by machine - no sharp edges, button head bolts used - your boots are safe, high quality mounting hardware provided - 10.9 grade zinc coated bolts, small and large washers, easy installation using standard tools, no modification required, price is for pair (left and right).
    Great fit for the 690 Enduro R. The center reach mount (CRM) is very solid. I prefer it to the previous Barkbusters that I had on the bike (same as the KTM PowerParts). Might interfere with some navigation clamps, however. The front brake lever clearance is small. Visually they match the look of the bike very well.
  6. 1 review

    Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM Wrap Around Handguards: The all new ULTRA Probends combine the premium features of Cycra handguards that customers have come to love and depend on. Cycra has improved every aspect of the new �ULTRA� design and configuration. From its New CRM clamp, that provides maximum bite to secure the handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wider range of bars; to its brand new (patented) CNC billet machined bar, made from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum creating a varied wall thickness and slimmer profile. New shield design that takes cues from the iconic �Cycra Enduro Hand Shield� to a dramatic new form with better ergonomic profile, removable dual zone ventilation system, and integrated abrasion guard with slimmer profile. Also included, the new Powergrip Bar Ends with slotted barrel allows for a more secure bite than ever before. .
  7. A* Toucan as a touring boot. What is generally considered to be an "adventure" boot is for me the minimum level of protection to have on the street. A* Tech 10 (first gen) as adventure boot. Love those. I've been trying for the last 2 years to justify the purchase of a new-gen pair, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the ones I have
  8. Let me know when you're coming again and we'll sure see each other on the road
  9. OK, thought you're looking to go, but I see you already went
  10. I did it a few times. It's very nice, but can be very busy during the season, because it's so famous. But if you go to Romania to do the Transfagarasan, you owe yourself to do the Transalpina, which is nicer IMO (and at higher altitude). And there are other nice mountain roads as well (and of course, unpaved roads and offroad).
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