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    Why Hasn't an American Won Dakar?

    My first exposure to the Dakar Rally was working for ABC Television in the UK, I have to think it was 1983 or 84 and we were doing a weekly wrap up show (in the days of 16mm Telecine transfers coverage was not as instant as it is today). I looked on YouTube but couldn't find anything. Back then the network was also covering the TdF with LeMond's first ride in the race plus some other "interesting" European sporting events & trying at least to live up to the "Wide" and "World" part of it's sport's moniker. Pretty much just ball & stick stuff these days.
  2. philipbarrett

    Why Hasn't an American Won Dakar?

    This was a bit depressing, Ricky seems to be our only hope.
  3. guess I'd better open that bar tab then
  4. Intro to Rally school put together by the Baja Rally, 2 days of instruction & riding with real routes & road books (plus some fun extra curricular activities) hopefully planned for February. Great way to taste this & see whether it's for you. Don't touch that dial.