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  1. Leaving on Saturday?
  2. And the sand gets worse with a little moisture! I have a air dam that fits under the chin for some of my helmets. Don't use it when it's hot. Googles, they should fit fine with Arai. Or perhaps an ice racing front fender:)
  3. Is 8:30am departure or arrival time?
  4. Interested in hearing your thoughts on the beads. I've tried em, now just put air my tires. Highly recommended
  5. Looks like a great rally! Mountains! Interesting comment "This is my first time at a KTM rally and not to bash my BMW friends too much, but they are clearly a different breed of people altogether." I had a similar thought on BMW folks as compared to HD types at the 13 RA Rally at the Biltmore. How can you have a few thousand Motorcyclists at the same spot and not hear an engine running!
  6. Welcome aboard! Is ND flatter than FL? Spent a few days riding ND a while back and enjoyed every minute of it.
  7. Anyone interested in a Ride to Eat leaving from the Expo (Orange County Convention Center) Saturday (10/17)? Leaving in the AM, returning early afternoon. This should give you plenty of time to see the show that is open until 7 PM. We will head south into some lesser known areas of Central FL. You'll see some great long range views, sparsely traveled two lane blacktop, clay roads and perhaps a hint of sand. Big bike friendly. The grill will be fired up for lunch at a nice spot with a view! Did I mention no fee!
  8. +1 on the wool! I like smart wool with silver thread. Silver is antibacterial so it keeps the stank down. Have several pairs that have lasted 4 yrs. Pricey but worth it.
  9. Sand, water and heat! Lived a few miles from the wiregrass trail in 06, lots of great riding.
  10. Thanks, I'll check on it. What did you do for the back end of the CRF250L?
  11. Do you happen to have SKF part numbers for the seals? The stocks ones don't seal too well!
  12. Sounds like the base gasket is not sealing. Having had a similar experience, my issue was the dang dirt dobbers has plugged the crankcase ventilation valve. This lead to increased pressure in the crankcase which resulted in a oil leak. Once I removed the plug o dried mud, cleaned up the oil mess, my crankcase leak went away as the internal crankcase pressure was reduced to normal levels.
  13. Interesting to see other companies offering high density energy batteries. What are you putting it in? I'd recommend a backup as it likely will not last. Having been stranded with a similar battery, I do not use any lithium chemistry batteries that do not have a BMS (battery management system). The chemistry cannot take the abuse of overcharge or over discharge.
  14. Nice ride! Looks like the river is quite full! And we are just entering the "wet" season.