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  1. I just experienced the Grand Canyon for the first time last week and it was incredible. I really got lucky with respect to timing, great weather, and very little crowds. I wanted the chance to see the Indian Ruins built into the side of the cliff but that didn't happen, maybe next year. The word is that the KTM Rally is going to be in Utah
  2. For tools I carry; bead breaker/ tire spoon set one 21" tube non-heavy duty (it packs down smaller) No soap, water works for trailside changes spare tube has been dry lubed (baby powder) tire pressure gauge valve core tool (valve cap type has been working well) pump or air compressor I've been running Dyna Bead balancing beads inside my tubes for the last 1200 miles and they seem to work pretty well. I personally don't like the 50/50 variety of tires, but I have been happy with the 60/40 types such as the Shinko 804/805. There is a lot of guys who like tubeless setups, but for the backcountry, I like low-tech tubes. Jerry
  3. Would the 690/701 fall into the ADV class?
  4. Case and point, you can run a Dunlop 140/80 on a 4.5" rear wheel. It depends on the manufacturer though...
  5. 20 psi on a 90/90 or 80/100 can beat the hell out the front wheel on a heavier bike. I know with a 90/100 I can 18 psi all day. With that being said, I know the stock KTM wheel sets are notoriously soft and can't handle rocks impacts. What are the BMW wheels like?
  6. You can run a 140/80 on a 4.5" I'm curious why you went with a 3.5", a 2.5" would have let you run rim locks.
  7. Have you had the chance to experiment with tire pressures? Lowering tire pressure seems to be taboo on adv bikes for some reason.
  8. This question always comes up among the 950/990 crowd, "Can you run a 140/80-18 size tire on the factory 4.5" rear wheel?" Answer; yes, no, maybe... There is no standard for measuring tires, it all depends on the manufacturer. Just because it says 150/70 that doesn't mean that it is the same size as an another manufactures 140/80-18. The only way to know if it can be run is to do some testing. For example, I have been running a Motoz Desert Tractionator H/T for well over 1000 miles with zero issues. However, after speaking with the Motoz "guy" while in Colorado he told me I should run the 150/70 instead because it was designed for a 4.5" wheel. My response, "why would I want to do that?" A dirt oriented 150/70 is a tire that doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. Meaning, the 150/70 tire profile is oriented towards street performance, while the 18" wheel size is geared towards dirt. So a dirt oriented 150/70-18 sounds absolutely mediocre at best. Pick one side or the other; dirt or street. Anywhere in between is garbage... Why would you want to run a 140/80-18 tire? Answer; In general they're half the cost of 150/70-18, and more importantly the 140/80 has a taller sidewall that reduces your chance of pinch flat or rim damage when running reduced tire pressure. The 140/80-18 is only rated to 84mph, will it explode if I do 85mph? Answer; No, that rating was designed as a reference with respect to steering, and braking input. Is a 140/80-18 the same as 120/100-18? Answer; yes, no, maybe... Again, depends on the manufacturer. The tire data sheets show that 140/80 and 120/100 to be the same size tire. What I have found is that some companies sell one or the other. I was told that the 140/80-18 tire size was invented by Dunlop. Jerry
  9. 556baller

    KTM 1090 R Issues

    I met some 1090R owners, one of them had just picked up the bike and rode it straight to KTM rally. He said it had a funny head shake, turned out the steering stem was only hand tight, he also had some issues with the fuel gauge. From what I heard it may be the same issue that the 1190 has with a sticking sending unit inside the fuel tank.
  10. Great to see you on here Marc! I've had my hands full lately but we're definitely going to do some riding! Sorry I missed you in Colorado.
  11. She was totally cool, after nearly an hour of talking with her I realized who she was!
  12. I was able to make the Rally, luckily I combined several mandatory trips into one huge road trip. That was my second KTM Adventure Rider Rally and it was really fun for the following reasons; The riders that I met were some of the coolest people that I have ever met. What is so interesting is that I have never hung out with a more diverse group of people and had such a good time. Normally, it seems like everyone groups into cliques and does their own thing. The KTM factory pros; Mike Laferty, Quine Codey, Ronnie Renner, and Tayor Roberts, and Heather Lewis were some of the most humble people in the bunch. Colorado has been the best riding destination that I have done yet. There were all kinds of bikes, I like KTM but in truth, I'd enjoy riding anything.
  13. I have an upcoming class on the use of drones. Should be interesting...
  14. You see where I'm going with that, what prevents the bushing from coming out again? That is hardly a "solution", I wouldn't even consider that to be a band-aid.
  15. That an interesting service bulletin. For option #1, is it saying that if you have a separation of less than .2mm that the fix is to just press the bushing back into the tube?
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