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  1. I have an upcoming class on the use of drones. Should be interesting...
  2. You see where I'm going with that, what prevents the bushing from coming out again? That is hardly a "solution", I wouldn't even consider that to be a band-aid.
  3. That an interesting service bulletin. For option #1, is it saying that if you have a separation of less than .2mm that the fix is to just press the bushing back into the tube?
  4. I have a break coming up, I wanted to sort out the wiring and build a definitive way to do it. Probably build the abs bypass wiring so that it can be made into a kit.
  5. With the fuses taken out of the abs system, any wires leading to fuse block and wires from the fuses to the abs pump can be taken off.
  6. Yes, the box has huge 20 pin connector on it. The method so far has been to ditch the pump, keep the entire connector to keep the speed working. So really the only thing you need in that big plug is the connections for the speedo. Figure, power lead to the abs pump is off-line, connections from the rear wheel abs ring are off-line, and I would guess there is probably a couple wires going from the abs pump to the dash for the abs light.
  7. The rear brake was a total trip for me too. Initially, it worked so well that were times I didn't even know it was locked and the rear was sliding. Compared to before, I had to reposition my foot in order to get the rear to lock up. What I figure for the harness is, with the fuses removed the majority of the system isn't functioning. If it's offline than it can come off the bike. The goal is to trace the front wheel sensor wires through the bike, to the plug, cut into it there to keep the front sensor and remove everything that is no abandoned. If I had to guess, you could remove the rest of the abs pump/box and replace it with some small connectors. Maybe even a more direct route, say front wheel sensor straight to the front fairing where the ECU is. I guess the goal is to remove any extra wiring to make things easier when working on the bike, or troubleshooting possible wiring issues. I've built few off-road cars that required serious motor swaps, so I've stripped wiring harnesses and even built a few. There is nothing worse than ghost wiring, and functioning parts of a harness integrated into parts that are abandoned.
  8. I think my next project is going to be to take apart the section of wiring harness that goes to the abs box and remove all the stuff that is now abandoned. The location of abs pump is a good spot to move the battery too.
  9. Class action lawsuit for sure, that's what it takes these days to bring people to the table.
  10. I got rid of all that a few months ago, and removed one of the front rotors. It's nice to have really responsive brakes now, zero mush.
  11. Negative, bunny pegs are awesome.
  12. Any ideas on how to start coordinating the support team resources, ie. fuel, parts, vehicles, ect...
  13. Hard to say, nothing worse than a shill.
  14. The width of the front wheel is a little crazy, 3x19" 120/70-19 tire.