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  1. Woollybut

    Hello from Alberta

    yeah a couple not as many as i should have!
  2. Woollybut

    Hello from Alberta

    Hi All, just jumped on. Been riding bikes since I was a little fella. Grew on a sheep station in Australia ripping around my xr75! Done a bit of motocross, a bit of street etc. But love the dirt. Finally graduated to KTM 950 last year after having big, small and in between bikes. Have to say I love it and totally fits my riding style and what I want to do on a bike. I love to tinker and pull things to bits! check 1 KTM 950 I love rip around the dirt, check 2 KTM 950 I love to explore, check 3 KTM 950 I love a bit of grunt in a bike, check 4 KTM 950 I like being comfortable on long rides, check 5 KTM 950 Hoping to do a few trips from AB this year once the snow melts! Glad to be aboard! Cheers all, James
  3. Woollybut

    KTM 950 Adventure 2005

    The Orange beast!
  4. Woollybut

    KTM 950 Adventure (2005)


    The Orange beast!