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  1. yeah a couple not as many as i should have!
  2. Hi All, just jumped on. Been riding bikes since I was a little fella. Grew on a sheep station in Australia ripping around my xr75! Done a bit of motocross, a bit of street etc. But love the dirt. Finally graduated to KTM 950 last year after having big, small and in between bikes. Have to say I love it and totally fits my riding style and what I want to do on a bike. I love to tinker and pull things to bits! check 1 KTM 950 I love rip around the dirt, check 2 KTM 950 I love to explore, check 3 KTM 950 I love a bit of grunt in a bike, check 4 KTM 950 I like being comfortable on long rides, check 5 KTM 950 Hoping to do a few trips from AB this year once the snow melts! Glad to be aboard! Cheers all, James
    The Orange beast!
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    The Orange beast!