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  1. gk_the_german

    Videos of Big Bike Fails

    Ran into a mud hole and hat to get the big thing out of it!!!! http://youtu.be/kHqQxEKNjgE
  2. gk_the_german

    It was just meant to be an easy ride............

    I guess there was only one whole int the Oregon mountains and this is what I hid.
  3. gk_the_german

    BMW R1200 GS (2005)


    My Bike in Germany. Very strong 2004 R1200GS. On the upper level of the HP spread. Way stronger than my American one!!!
  4. gk_the_german

    Rox Speed FX Pivoting Handlebar Risers

    Very good quality. Makes riding more comfortable.
  5. gk_the_german

    BMW R1200 GS (2005)


    Best Bike ever!! Very reliable, never had an issue!!
  6. gk_the_german

    BMW R 1200 GS 2005

    Best Bike ever!! Very reliable, never had an issue!!
  7. gk_the_german

    Olympic National Forest - NW Washington

    This was our last ride of the year 2014. It was an exciting ride, but very, very cold. Some riders came from Seattle and some (1) from Portland, OR, meeting at intersection FS22 and FS23 south of Wynoochee Lake. We rode through the mountains and stayed the night in a Beach Cabin near Forks, WA. The streets were very icy and the ride home was kind of adventures. All made it home safe and we are looking forward to meet in Spring again.