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  1. I'm just gonna put this here, and I want to encourage you to share other events that are happening 'round these gorgeous mountains! ROCKY MTN ROLL 2 July 28-30, 2017 Corvallis, Montana ***the address of the ranch will be included in your ticket confirmation email*** REDNECK RANCH MOTO CAMPOUT NORMAL REGISTRATION BEGINS JANUARY 2ND AND ENDS JUNE 24TH TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE GATE. BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! This is a co-ed event that was dreamed up by Amanda Zito as a celebration of women riders, motorcycle enthusiasts and the wide open road. What better way to celebrate women who ride than to invite a bunch of other motorcyclists to come live in a tent for a weekend? Your Ticket Includes: 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS STAY ON PRIVATE LAND W/ A FANTASTIC VIEW OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, A COUPLE HORSES, GOATS, AND A FEW COWS. ACCESS TO FACILITIES (Port-a-Potties & Drinking Water, Sorry No Showers) FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY NIGHT GROUP RIDE TO FARMER'S MARKET SATURDAY MORNING FREE MAP OF THE BITTERROOT VALLEY RAFFLE GOODIES FREE SODA MORE IN THE WORKS!
  2. My first bike which I proudly still own is a 1980 Suzuki GS850gl which I named Lazarus, she may break down a bit, but she always comes back to life for me. Next I got a 2005 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit, which was named Hephaestus (because my dad put a huge dent in the side of the tank), which may have been a cruiser, but I took him /everywhere/. Last but not least (ok maybe not a /big/ bike but my first proper adv bike), my 2016 Honda CB500xa named Briareos (because he's my cyborg boyfriend.)
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