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  1. Instagram: @dennistenere94 Netherlands Riding around in My country And in Europe!
  2. My Tenere 660! This was on My tour last week! The tour was in france switserland And also a small part of italy!
  3. Is This for real! It would be awesome! Also a yamaha T4 concept ?
  4. Nog een Nederlander had dus makkelijker gekund! ? Maar het is echt een prima helm?? Ik heb nog meer mooie foto's staan op me instagram @dennistenere94
  5. It performed really good for me! On the highway there is Some More noise. But i wear earplugs, so that is not a problem for me. I really Love the helmet it fits perfect the sunglass works good, you can drive with the visor open up to 80km/h. after that it will be a problem. I drove with it in the rain for 3 hours And still happy After that. The system thing Works really easy. Also to push it back in the position. So you know now Im really happy with it And for me the test was positive @Bearded-vstromrider
  6. I have chosen the scorpion, it fits better than the caberg. The caberg was for My opinion to round. I gonna test it This week to france! ?
  7. Im looking for a new allroad helmet! I have find Some Nice models also with a system function. but my question is which model is better? or do you guys know some better models/brands? I wanna know youre experience with these kind of helmets. ?
  8. hello from the netherlands! i Ride a Tenere 660 And i'm new on This forum! Sometimes i do offroading, it is difficult in the Netherlands. because of all the rules, but i Will find My way in the dirt! My next trip Will start next sunday on the 4th of june! Im going to france, little of switserland And also italy! For 1 week. Onroad the route is 2600km long. I made the route by My self. You can follow My on My journey on instagram @dennistenere94 Greets! Dennis