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    Sponsorship Advice for Riders and Brands

    Thanks Eric, Yes, this whole sponsorship thing is new to us and by all means we are doing our best between deployments and required Air Force schools to post and get out on the road and feature the Rescue 690. The KTM 690 is a legendary bike and between that and the ol' WR, we felt it best represented the high speed, grunt, and go-anywhere do-anything attitude of our fellow Service Members! When dealing with sponsors, getting everything in writing is the best way to go and the route we chose with each sponsor. We got advice from many of the big riders on Instagram including our very own XLADV who gave me some tips and bits of advice before the project kicked off and got me in contact with some awesome dudes in the industry who furthered the advice and guided me in the right direction. We have many awesome Sponsors that are just so amazing to work with; and they were chosen because they represent the highest of quality in the industry! We do not want to put any parts on the bike just because they were available and we even had to turn down about 3 or 4 potential sponsors who wanted to participate. We respect riders who ride to ride, ride because it is something they love to do, ride to clear their heads, or ride in search of pure adventure. This bike is not a "personal use" bike even though personal money was used to purchase the bike for full KBB/NADA price + title and reg I'm in the process of purchasing a separate bike for commuting and personal needs + the 690 will be used as said, and so far we have done exactly that We have such an awesome band of supporters and fellow riders that love the cause and we are grateful that we can wake up everyday and do what we do. We would love to join any group rides for those riders that are interested in getting to know us or just want to ride because the heck of it. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or just follow us @Rescue690 to get some great insight & ask anything you'd like. Since we are in different USAF schools now, we will be able to reply usually after 6pm. Thanks again for the support and please let us know if you'd like to learn more! -Rescue690 [email protected]