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  1. So I finally got around to installing my cartridges. Ended up being a lot easier than I expected. Must-have tool is a spring compressor. I dont want to think about how difficult it would have been without it. The worst part of it was that the 17mm hex on the factory top cap stripped out because it was so tight on the RH leg. It took one guy with a ratchet and special socket, me with giant channel locks and another guy holding the bike to break the cap loose. After we got that handled, everything was pretty straight forward and simple. First impressions; holy crap it's nice! The front end doesn't dive like crazy when I brake and the front of the bike actually FEELS lighter. It's a strange sensation, but it actually feels like there is less weight pushing down on the front suspension. On top of that, the handling is a lot more responsive. Super happy I made this upgrade and very happy with the support I got from Marco over at Mach Modified. They have great customer service and were happy to answer any questions I had. For just over $900, it is a helluva upgrade and better than the $1300 for Ohlins or $1700 for Touratech. They have 30 clicks of rebound and 30 clicks of compression adjustments as well as 18mm of preload adjustment. I am going on a 2 day ride next weekend, so I will update again after I put some dirt miles on the bike to see how much better it feels. Hope this helps anyone that is considering front suspension options. Oh, and don't be scared of the 3 sided top cap. 32mm 6 point socket works just fine.
  2. That's a killer deal, Zodillyicious. Wish I had the funds right now.
  3. If all goes as planned, I will be installing these on Sunday. Will give an initial 'first impressions' review and then another more complete review after my weekend trip April 22nd and 23rd.
  4. The top of Pioneer Pass near Globe, AZ.
  5. In case anyone cares, I decided to leave my rear suspension alone for now and focus on the front. Anyone with a Tiger knows how horrible the forks are. I decided to go with K-Tech cartridges that I got from www.machmodified.com. Marco over there gave me a lot of help and assured that these cartridges are just as good if not better than the more expensive Ohlins and touratech options. If there is any interest, I will give an update after I install them. In the meantime, here is what they look like...
  6. Cool picture from my recent ride on part of the AZBDR.
  7. You got a butt shot of these? Wanna see how wide they make the bike...
  8. I'm on a 2014 Tiger 800XC and am at 13000 miles. I was considering Konflict, but I would basically need a complete replacement front and rear because my suspension isn't buildable up front and the rear shock is smaller than most of the aftermarket ones. TFX is one I was considering as well as Hyperpro, touratech and Ohlins. Touratech is just more expensive than the others and Ohlins is so highly spoken of I thought that might be the best option. Unfortunately I don't have a 'suspension guy' to talk to. One thing I don't like about the TT shock is that it doesn't have a reservoir for the floating valve.
  9. So I'm officially at the point where I am out-riding my stock suspension. I'm trying to get all the information I can before I bite the $800- $1500 bullet. I'm looking at TFX, Touratech, Ohlins and Progressive rear shocks. I have heard that Bilstein can make a rear shock also but have yet to find any information. The TFX thread on here was very informative, but still undecided. Touratech's shock is the most expensive I have found yet Ohlins is known in my world as being the best suspension company. Progressive has a comparable option for my bike for only $750, but skeptical of that company's quality. Got any other suggestions, let me have it!
  10. Yes you did! Thank you! I love that jacket. Cant beat the features for the price IMO. Wear a balaclava and it keeps you warm in even sub 30*F. Im not a fan of ADV jackets with pockets all over them so this one fit the bill.
  11. Awesome! Requested to join the group. Thanks!
  12. Oh, nice! I will look you guys up. Always looking for more riding buddies out here.
  13. Thank you. Unfortunately, I no longer have the 71 Triumph, 75 Harley, 59 Harley or 2008 Sporty anymore and the 2008 Bonnie is for sale. Maybe I will see you around.
  14. Here are a few more of my other bikes. First 2 are my 57 Tiger project. 3rd is my 75 Harley 4 & 5 are my 71 Trophy 6 is my Nightstand 7 is my 59 Sporty The last picture is my 2008 Bonnie
  15. I wrote this at work and the pictures weren't working. Here are a couple....