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    ADV riding around the world. I enjoy hardships and keep looking for a way to challenge myself.
  1. Asphalt And Beyond

    Brett - KLR650 around the world

    I would love to hear that story! I bet it was intense.
  2. Asphalt And Beyond

    Brett - KLR650 around the world

    Thanks Eric! It was an amazing experience, 15 days, deadly animals, an angry turtle, and possible imprisonment. My write-up is too long for the forum, but if you are curious its HERE. Not sure where the British group are coming from, many people have crossed it, nowadays most go around it. It's getting safer to drive in the gap now, but without roads you do need a team to do it and a long time. Light bikes are best. I plan on going back someday and doing it. I was going to on this trip, but going solo with a large bike is asking for trouble. Still, all of it was awesome! My next trip is going to be more intense though for sure.
  3. Asphalt And Beyond

    Brett - KLR650 around the world

    Hi all! I am Brett (@asphalt.and.beyond) and I have been on the road solo for nearly a year now finishing up 27,000 miles in North and South America as I prepare for Europe to Asia. I look for hardship, which is evident by my 15 day Darien Gap crossing. I keep my own blog running with good, ad-free, details of how to travel, but I am always happy to answer questions directly. My goal is to travel, I love it. I want to help make it easier for others without the gimmick of making money. More travelers, less ignorance. Hope to see y'all on the road!