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    My first big grey pig

    Thanks Erick. I'm from Mexico City, Mexico Its a great place to ride, you just need to know where to. Any time you want to ride here we can make some great trails
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    africatwin My first big grey pig

    This is the story of my new Big Grey Pig... Once I had a BRP, Xr650r, and I was the happiest dude arround. It got old and had to sell it, I got sad and fat. Once I heard the CRF1000 would arrive I got happy again. So that is the main idea... I love: -The sound that really makes me feel the Braaap... -The feeling of a lighter bike - It's fast in the dirt - The dakarian style I'm not very happy with: -Tyres for tarmac on a dual sport?? Changed to Heidenau, worst tyres for rain I've used in my life. -Tons of accesories, but poorly equiped vs the other ones in the range. -Very few in Méx for now, 26 total, so there is like 4 accesories for It. Everything must be imported -Would be nice to have a larger 6th for highway speeds. -It is not as light as you would think, specialy between city traffic. Cheers from México....