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  1. Franziska Jenetzky

    Where have you been on your bike?

    Hi Asta, I love your threat on instagram too. Well this time I was only cruising through the south of South America. I am a snail in comparison. I also have been in some parts of Europe, Australia, North India and Mongolia. Next year I want to return to the Americas get a new bike and discover Central America. First I need to earn some money, fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing your ride history and good luck for further adventures!
  2. Franziska Jenetzky

    Hi from everywhere and nowhere! ;)

    Oh man, shouldn't post while working. Lol. First get you mixed up with Rob Hofmann and then didn't realize you replied on the Bolivia post. Sorry mate ?
  3. Franziska Jenetzky

    Hi from everywhere and nowhere! ;)

    Cheers. Check out my entry in the women section, there is a link for a little article I wrote about my ride through the Lagunas Route in Bolivia. By the way like your instagram account.
  4. Franziska Jenetzky

    Hi from everywhere and nowhere! ;)

    Danke. Not sure what the desert SW stateside is, I assume it's somewhere in the US..? - First one is, Lagunas Route, Bolivia, Second last is Valle de Luna, Chile and the last one is near Cafayate, Argentina. Thanks for having me
  5. Franziska Jenetzky

    Hi from everywhere and nowhere! ;)

    Hola everyone, Thought it's about time I introduce myself quickly, joined already a little while ago. I am a native German and have lived 8 years in and around Sydney, Australia. Where I also learned how to ride. Left OZ behind me and currently floating around South America on my F650GS Dakar until I run out of money. Never been better! If you like to see what I am up to, feel free to follow me on Instagram. http://instagram.com/_perspektivenwechsel_ Here is a little taste...
  6. Franziska Jenetzky

    Where have you been on your bike?

    Hola ladies! Nice to find a space for us here! I thought it would be great to swap some stories. So where have you been on your bike!? To make a start, feel free to check my conquest of the Lagunas Route out. https://womenadvriders.com/bolivia-lagunas-route/ Looking forward to some more stories! Ride safe! ? Franziska
  7. Franziska Jenetzky

    Show off your big... Bikes, ladies !

    That's us. Betty, my F650GS Dakar and myself chilin' on Paso Sico, Argentina/Chile. ?