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  1. The bikes are located in Salida, CO. Both are flawless. Literally barely ridden. They have around 670 miles a piece. The KTM comes with Touratech Zega Pro hard luggage, TT handguards, headlight guard, Conti Trail attack tires. The BMW comes with Moose Racing hard cases, Upper/lower crash guards, TT Handguards, Conti TKC80 knobbies. I'm selling these on behalf of a car dealership, Salida Town&Country. They were taken in on a trade and since the dealership doesn't deal with motorcycles, i was asked to see if i can find a buyer. They are asking $12,500 for the KTM and $12,000 for the BMW. They are very motivated to get them out, so will entertain good offers. Any more questions feel free to call and ask for Josh at: 719-539-6641. Here is a link to the KTM: https://www.salidaford.com/used/KTM/2014-KTM-35ab271f0a0e0a1715b8a8c87ba8f2f5.htm link to the BMW https://www.salidaford.com/used/BMW/2015-BMW-35ab265a0a0d0cc7116d5b849813bda2.htm
  2. Joshua Jones

    Boot Feedback

    The BMW GS Pro boot is the Forma Dominator Comp 2.0. One thing i was noticing, at ADV days, is that Forma touts having the up down flexibility (for shifting braking dexterity, while having better lateral and rotational protection with their integrated double hinged “brace”. However, as we well know, for that Achilles’ tendon hyper extension protection... gonna have to try a different boot for sure. I snapped mine in a Sidi Crossfire 3. Gonna be researching some other brands to try for the next go around.
  3. Joshua Jones

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Although every example I can find shows the neck brace inside the slots.
  4. Joshua Jones

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Yes I'd love to see pics because here I've been doing the same by putting the neck brace into the slots which seem pretty perfect for locking in the brace to the body armor... interesting, I never saw anything say that wasn't how it was supposed to be.
  5. Joshua Jones

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    HeavyHustler I was curious about that. Looking at it in the videos and pics I wasn't sure if you had to leave the neck zipper open for the neck brace to fit while it was in the slots?...or what was going on there
  6. Joshua Jones

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Curious to see your final thoughts on this. I was considering getting this particular jacket to layer in conjunction with my leatt 5.5 neck brace and HD roost protector. I love the protective gear. Be interested to know if the jacket is worth it?