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  1. No Limit Dual Sport

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    Mike Neagle here AKA as No Limit Dual Sport. I think we could layout a route pretty quickly as I know the area quite well. I am not sure how the permitting will work they do have a rider cap count approx. 550. I have worked with the D37 group for numerous years and I have worked on the routes (ribbioning, proofing, etc) since 2011. I have several options in mind already for a proposed route, however, some of this will be dependant of the actual LABToV course so it could correspond with checkpoints, lunch, etc. I would think. Just thinking out loud.
  2. No Limit Dual Sport

    Go for the Gold: Beyond Starbucks Gold Certified

    Can't wait to get better and get my 1090r.... Bring it...
  3. No Limit Dual Sport

    What do you do with all the take offs...

    When I first read the title of this I was thinking you meant tires...LOL I have a TON of those.. For parts I keep the stock stuff I have several bins full in the garage and several in the trailer from the bikes I have owed. I have given it away at times to riders.
  4. No Limit Dual Sport

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Eric thats awsome news! Hey send some help my way.... ?
  5. No Limit Dual Sport

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Well thought out jacket offering from Leatt. Glad they put a focus on the ventilation as this is key for me out here in the Mojave. Those tires look very durable especially the rear! I have never ran a moose but have had huge success with the Bridgestone UHD offering..
  6. No Limit Dual Sport

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Stay tuned I will be sharing here and I am sure Eric will as well.....
  7. No Limit Dual Sport

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    I think both the ADV and the Dual Sport community has a lot of things to gain in this endeavor which is what prompted my idea and I believe Eric's as well. I have thought about doing this race for several years but I have recently formed No Limit Dual Sport and part of my reason for creating the brand is to break the dual sport stigma that dual sport riders only ride the "easy stuff, roads, etc." but as the readers of this forum know this is not the case. We ride EVERYTHING! thats the difference so showing we can compete in an event like this I suspect will be an eye opener. I will be blogging my efforts both over on my site and I will post here is Eric will allow. Competing with multiple bikes/teams will only help in my opinion.... To those who wish to ride and would like some help let me know I have some resources to help with prep, logistics, etc
  8. No Limit Dual Sport

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Eric I am too making a bid to do this race this year although on my 450x. I ha e some of the logistic info needed if you need some help there Eric. If interested I plan to begin training on the bike in the coming weeks and you are more than welcome to tag along. I will be riding under my No Limit Dual Sport name to create some exposure or buzz around the dual sport community. I can help with somethings if you want just reach out. Going to be a wild ride!
  9. No Limit Dual Sport


    Just registered here and have had the pleasure to ride with Eric. Of course just as everyone here I am on IG as well. https://www.instagram.com/no_limit_dual_sport/ All pics here will be adventure/or moto travel related. Good points being made throughout this thread. It seems some are just throwing up content on IG for the sake of it being there. Eric and the other comments above are dead on some thought should be put into what you are posting for either the audience the product you are featuring....something Thanks for the great post Eric
  10. No Limit Dual Sport

    Where should I, Who should I...

    Of course I have been that way!