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  1. justin73

    High Sierra 2017

    Hi All, Anyone riding up from L.A. area? Is this truly a big bike friendly event? Sounds awesome and I am interested, just want to know what I am getting myself into I would be on a GS if I decide to go.
  2. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    It was more than an "Big Bike Friendly" ride should have been in my opinion. Lots of ruts, washouts, and rough terrain. If I was on a smaller bike it would have been a blast, but it was not a course for an intermediate big bike rider. Nonetheless, it was a good time. I had to turn around on one section (along with a few other big bikes) due to a steep rocky area that was not going to be worth the potential damage of not making it up. I look forward to a friendlier ride soon!
  3. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    Wow...that was a great review. I will add my 2 cents to that chain after my ride on Saturday, which still looks like it might be a wet and muddy one.
  4. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    Guess what? I did a quick check on the tires...they are Mitas.
  5. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    The good news for me is i have at least 9000 to 10,000 miles until i will need a new set (according to reviews i read today about the Heidenaus). Hopefully that means i need new tires soon
  6. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    So far the tires have impressed me on road. Better than full knobs. I will try them off road on Saturday. Any suggestions for a good 50/50 tire?
  7. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    I am loving the welcome wagon! I have ridden every thing from 250 - GS 1200/Super Tenere off road on various terrains. I look forward to gaining more experience both here and in the great outdoors. I am pretty set on gear and the previous owner of the GS added some sweet farkles to make off roading a little more convenient and comfortable. I am however new to using the navigation system (BMW/Garmin I think), so at the right time and place will have lots of questions on that.
  8. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    Thanks Eric. She's begging for a little dirt. Doing the Dual Sport/ADV Ride 4 Kids on Saturday for her initial mud bath (looks like rain in the forecast at Lake Arrowhead). I will keep my eyes open for rides here as well. Looking forward to being part of the group.
  9. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    Thanks Baller!
  10. justin73

    New Guy in L.A.

    Hi All, Just got my first GS (a 2012). Ready to knock the shine off of her, so looking forward to meeting up in the So. Cal area.