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  1. Roadhawg011

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    I'm still enjoying mine. I've used it on pretty cold mornings, and then up to afternoons in the mid 20degC region and its comfortable for both (South African winters are pretty mild though) I do get frustrated trying to get the back of the bloody neck brace into the pocket sometimes, and also getting the "Brace-On" tabs to clip into the necbrace nicely. You either need to be a contortionist or ask a friend for help....Which I don't do, because, ya know....I'm a stubborn man.
  2. Roadhawg011

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Just using the brace over the jacket (rear strut in the rear pocket provided: Tried folding the collar like in the booklet It;s ugly but I guess it works. Still battle to get the tabs over the NB wings nice and securely
  3. Roadhawg011

    GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket from Leatt

    Has anyone played with this jacket some more? Just got mine today, so just fitting it and stuff now. First tried it on without armour and it felt HUGE! but with my leatt Airfit 3DF suit it feels really good. Used the adjster tabs to get if pretty fitted. The sleeves are really long though! Wow! I guess it's to help with manoeuvrability when riding. Just struggling with the brace integration. The little booklet has some diagrams telling you told the collar over on itself and tie it back like that, then put the brace on and hook the "brace-on" tabs over it's wings. I cannot get that to work. Leaving the collar as it is the brace fits pretty good but there's no way the brace-on tabs are hooking over the wings. I figure it's close enough though I'll add some pics later.
  4. Roadhawg011

    KTM 1090 R Issues

    Just had a look.....Airbox identical. The 1090R has staggered sized velocity stacks though, the same as the 1050.
  5. Roadhawg011

    KTM 1090 R Issues

    Hey guys. Just signed up to weigh in here. Stu from South Africa (1190R wannabe) I've been having this argument with guys on local forums about the 1090R. Firstly the "New bike!!!" thing is a bit of a stretch.....It's an 1190R with less bits and less power....Look at it. It's an 1190 with a different sticker kit. Then there's a bunch of guys going "YES!!! This is the KTM I've been waiting for!! Lightweight and more dirt oriented!!!" Uhm.....Really? Lightweight? It's like 5kgs lighter than the 1190. Or you could say, the weight of a Centrestand, TPMS system and leanable ABS system lighter all of which it's missing. At the moment any 1190Rs you find on a showroom floor will be heavily discounted so the dealers can shift em before the new bikes come in...at the same price roughly. So even on pricing you're not winning. I checked part numbers on the parts list and the 1090R rims are the exact same part number as the new Akront rims the 2016 1190R came with. So no upgrade there. I'll bet my whole life the Airbox is the same as the 2015 1190. The forks are the same with 1 part number different, which apparently counts for stiffer springs. Same travel. Rear shock does seem to be the biggest thing changed being a PDS setup. I'll give em that. (Hopefully it'll be a nice upgrade for the 1190 someday, although there was a new shock for the 2016 1190 which they say doesn't bottom out as easy as previous years) While looking at the parts diagrams I noticed that there wasn't even a steering damper listed (where it is specifically shown on the 1190 page)......So maybe it doesn't come with one????