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  1. onewheelwheatley

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    I have to say that I'm overall very disappointed with Yamaha's announcements. I think we all knew the 790 would be higher spec but for KTM to beat Yammie to market seems like a real killer for T7 sales. I won't fully dismiss it until I see it but the T7 certainly lost its luster to me.
  2. onewheelwheatley

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    It looks really promising still, but the lack of announcement is making me wonder if we will not be getting it for 2019.
  3. onewheelwheatley

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    It looks close to production ready. I'm really hoping I can purchase a 2019 model
  4. onewheelwheatley

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    I added the Trans Pennsylvania Adventure Trail files that were given to me and a connector from the Maryland/Delaware boarder that I created. Both are dirt and back road routes. When I have some more time I will create a route from the Trans Eastern Trail that connects with the TPAT via as much dirt as possible. Hopefully we'll be able to connect the entire east coast via dirt roads.
  5. onewheelwheatley

    Klim USA Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

    I've been wearing the Krios for a month straight and have to this helmet is the real deal for adventure riding. The main draw to this helmet is the incredibly light weight at just under 3lbs which is noticeable both in your hands and on your head. It is lighter than any of my helmets, including my dirt lid (Fox Pilot V2), and feels like nothing when you wear it. I was surprised to find that the helmet's interior is of Arai level quality and plushness, and although a bit snug at first, broke in quickly with no hotspots. The fit is more towards an oval shape - more oval than my Shoei RF1200 but not as oval as some Icon lids I've tried. I am a medium in every helmet I've owned but I had to go with a small as the Krios sizing runs large. It is Sena compatible and was easy to fit a 10S unit. The Krios comes with two pinlock ready shields - a clear and smoked - and one pinlock insert. Changing shields and helmet configurations is easy and both the peak and shield are held on by the same 1/4 turn latches. Be careful that you have everything lined up correctly and the latches completely seated and closed; if you don't have it seated correctly flipping the visor up could turn and pop the latch out ( I had this happen twice). I used the pinlock on my clear visor and it works excellent. My tinted visor (without pinlock) fogs easily with a little heavy breathing, but also clears the fog away very quickly. The visor fits over goggles although you do have to make sure your goggle strap is position correctly to allow the visor to close over it. One annoyance is that with the visor in its furthest raised position it is still within your field of view more than I'd prefer. Fortunately it is easy to completely remove the shield and run goggle only, although I would prefer a slightly bigger eye port to allow for more google positioning adjustment. On the highway the helmet is stable and the peak doesn't cause much drag, even as speeds touch triple digits. I've found it perfectly suitable for the several hour long stints of highway I've found myself on and was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the helmet is, even when I'm wearing goggles with the shield up. The helmet vents fine for adventure riding but is not enough when it comes to riding tight single track and slow, technical trails. The helmet has only two intake vents, one at the chin and one at the brow, with only the brow vent being closeable. Most confusing is that the vent on the snout seems to only vent to the cheek exhaust vent, as the interior of the snout is covered with EPS foam. I understand that they want to channel the air but the exhaust vent is very far forward to the point that is at the front of your cheek pads. The chin curtain is a nice touch but it is not removable and only adds to the ventilation issue. In short, this is nearly a perfect adventure helmet but don't expect it to replace your dirt lid for real off-roading and aggressive dual sport riding.
  6. onewheelwheatley

    The need for speed(o)s

    So far my Garmin 78 has worked for me as a replacement speedo and odometer and I used it for a rally over the weekend. The main thing I miss is having a fuel gauge and two separate trip odometers. I tore up my front rim so this is on the back burner for now. I just need to decide how much a fuel gauge is worth to me...
  7. onewheelwheatley

    The need for speed(o)s

    So I took a little swim... and now my gauge cluster is acting up. I took it apart and cleaned the motherboard with electronics cleaner but it has only gotten worse to the point where its not working at all now. Used Versys speedos run over 200USD which seems high to me. I was thinking about trying to swap to using a Trail Tech Vapor or Striker or something that rally guys are using. I'm open to any suggestions on how to approach this, so please share if you have any experiences with aftermarket speedos/odos/computers. I have a rally in two weeks, so I'd like to have something working by then, but I could get by with using my Garmin 78 if need be.
  8. onewheelwheatley

    Allroad helmets

    I have not used that particular Scorpion helmet before, but the Scorpion street helmets that I have are all nicer than their price would suggest. At least here in the States, that Scorpion model is only DOT approved and not ECE or SNELL. Just something to think about if that is important to you.
  9. onewheelwheatley


    I share your feelings towards facebook. I imagine that there is some way to use it more effectively, but I have a hard time efficiently navigating it to find things I'm actually interested in. I mostly find it useful to archive photos and contact people when I inevitably break my phone.
  10. onewheelwheatley

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    The tracks look right to me when I view them. We zig-zagged a good bit to stay on dirt. I only uploaded the first days track since day 2 we rode some questionable areas.
  11. onewheelwheatley

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    I added a tracks from the first day of @Getrad628 and mine jaunt up through central PA on dirt roads. Its an easy, fun ride with scenic views and plenty to explore off the side of the route.
  12. onewheelwheatley

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    Okay, thank you. It was my first time posting on there so I wasn't sure if it was me.
  13. onewheelwheatley

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    I tried to upload some tracks today but I'm getting "internal server issue" notifications. Server load too high currently?
  14. onewheelwheatley

    Taste of Dakar

    If it wasn't all on video I don't know if I could believe just how ridiculous Taste of Dakar was. I'm going to have to experience that for myself.
  15. onewheelwheatley

    March Madness: A Month of Racing, Riding, and Living in a Tent

    Thanks for letting me join you! I might have to make another pilgrimage for that