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  1. AdvRob

    Sonora Rally 2018

    If I were you, I would never think of using a mousse again, or seriously looks at the installation process you are doing. Something is not right for you to have this many problems. If you , an average rider, are destroying these things every race at this rate, there is no way any pro teams would touch these things. 200 mile lifespan, even racing, is totally wrong. There are many, MANY teams out there running SCORE, BITD, and local endurance races on 2 sets of wheels. Talking 100 to 1000ish miles. Almost always the tires swap is done because the tire is trashed, not the mousse. K At this rate you are saying the tire will outlast the mousse, which is almost never the case. Even at a Pro level race pace. The only time I have seen an unusual rate of failure was Vegas to Reno 3-4 years ago, but that was one of the hottest years and ambient temps was well into the 100s all day. Very high temps at one of the fastests courses of the year I can see cooking or temp related issues are to be expected, but not many other scenarios There is something not right with your setup. I'd seriously investigate the issue before you blame the mousse.
  2. AdvRob

    Sonora Rally 2018

    why don't you just buy Mexican insurance for your car and trailer? its not that expensive and wont have to worry about forgetting crap in the car and you can carry all your gear, tools, spares yourself without having to rely on someone else.
  3. AdvRob

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Just tossing it out there. want to see you make it to the finish line on all stages this time. Prep is all about risk mitigation and testing. In your write up on the Baja Rally you mentioned 3 DNFs due to tire failures and fuel issues. These are the little things. I good long weekend running the bike in race trim would have shown some of these shortcomings. Granted one of your tire failures was you putting a 120 mousse in a 140 or 150 tire, so no way to really dodge that one except pre race inspections. Fortune favors the prepared. There is still 5% in the running in the dark. Glad to hear your going to get a good solid couple days on the bike before dropping the chunk of change for race registration. while the bike is sitting on the stand with no suspension, get out those wrenches, locktite, and get a paint pen and start going over EVERYTHING. With the amount of time you will be spending on the bike each day things loosen. Ive seen everything from seat bolts, axle nuts, even shock mount hardware come completely off a bike and leave people stranded.
  4. AdvRob

    Sonora Rally 2018

    so the rally electronics isn't going to have all that much to do with the stator. Odds are its 12v DC and youre just going to pull power straight from the battery. your not plugging straight into the 20w leg of the stator. That leg, in stock form, probably just charges the battery and nothing more. You have to figure out what your final draw is going to be now, with ANYTHING else you think your going to put on. If youre not a good deep sand rider, just plan on going down a lot and using that estart a lot and using more juice. Multiple crashes, carb flooding, deep sand just making getting up and going again more difficult, and more falling over is going to put a strain on that battery the more and longer you hold that button. Any chance of riding in low light or dark? 40w is nothing for a halogen race light. Halogen is what your limited to with AC from the stator. Seems like you have a lot of faith in that stock electrical system. A stator upgrade is pennies compared to what your paying for entry, what sponsors are giving you to perform, and nothing compared to actually finishing everyday. After watching your issues at the Baja rally, it was simple "little" things, lack of experience, know how, and race prep that took you out. This is one of those "little" things that might cause big problems later on, and you really don't have time to properly test and tune before the actual event. Racing is expensive, no way around it. You cut corners and you will pay for it in other ways.
  5. AdvRob


    What's the story with the street neck brace? Is there a reason you went with this one over the offroad GPX series? The STX brace have the wider 2 blades in the back is to accommodate "the humps" or street leathers. How is the Dakar jacket without armor? Does it feel too big with nothing under?
  6. AdvRob


    Damn, good lessons learned. So when you were running the 120 mousse in the tire, you said you used c02 to seat the bead again? Did you have a cartridge that you just blew in the valve stem hole of the wheel and that set the bead? Wrapping my mind around inflating a tire with mousse in it. The zip tie thing is no fix. It just attaches the tire to the wheel to limp home. Limp being the key word. Otherwise, especially with no rim lock, you have the potential for the tire to come off completely and possibly cause even more issues. Getting caught up in the chain side, or leaving you riding on a straight rim. Youre better off having a flat, slowly destroying itself tire on the wheel then no tire at all. This is all hind sight, but have you run this mousse tire combo before? I remember early on, 5-10 years ago some mousse were very particular to which tires they worked with. I remember Michelin being very picky. I'm not sure if those days have passed or there are still bad combos that just don't work. Sizing with tires is all over the freakin place, and it not just moto tires. I bet the mousse sizes are similar in huge variations depending on brands.
  7. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Yeah, a few of those guys did ok with those boots. I only need the approval of one guy to put these into legendary status.
  8. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Nice. Been riding with Fly gear for the last few years. Good quality stuff. Great helmets that fit my dome piece.
  9. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Looks pretty snazzy. Any solid prices yet?
  10. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    The weight of a center stand might be worth it if you have to do any tire repair on the move on your own.
  11. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    But once you get a taste....you realize every stock bike rides pretty rough Pretty well know the XRR suspension stock is ok for a stock bike, but with some minor changes can be one of the best desert bikes out there. If you're racing you might as well make in enjoyable and get the bike as plush and smooth as possible. 500+ miles of bone jarring under sprung/bad valved suspension can get old real quick....and possibly dangerous. If your not going fast or jumping far, stock stuff is probably workable, with some clicker tuning and springs...that's if your forks actually adjust with clickers...4CS doesn't do much of anything very well, including adjusting.
  12. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    NavyNuke - how's the progress? Who did you eventually send the suspension too? You ever look into the Borynack settings? He has a few of stacks for front and rear that would work for you. If your comfortable with suspension work. Suspension work is like carbs...its black magic and voodoo to most, then you open a few up and wonder what the big deal was. Ive got an XRR as well so this is peaking my interest. What are you doing for lights?
  13. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    Where you located? Suspension 101 is the goto guy in the San Diego area. Has a great reputation with local district 37/38 desert racers and has experience with Vegas to Reno and Baja setups. He has posted here a couple times as well, aka Suspenders the other choice is obvious...precision concepts. They are part of the reason the XRR is as legendary as it is. They have XR suspension dialed in.
  14. AdvRob

    BITD Vegas to Reno '17

    If you can't prerun the actual course just get in seat time.....lots of it. Even better is getting a few local races in. Not sure on your racing background, but I think if this is your first race, your mental game needs to be on point. It's easy to survive hours and hours of riding, even at a near race pace. It's easy to say I'm going to race and just get a finish.....until you see that flag or banner drop, or you start seeing dust. That's where the you see the well disciplined steam ahead. I remember when I started racing MX and desert, it's all the same head game, all the rookie mistakes I made. Probably the same mistakes 99% of us make just because we are so damned excited. Flag drops you go 150%, 10 minutes later you realize you can't sustain that for 3-4 hours. Or you chase dust or get passed and get in over your head, only to realize it's an expert plate lapping you and your going to kill yourself trying to stay with or pass. All your prep and training may just go right out the window if you let the excitement, competitiveness, or lack of disipline get the best of you. Better to find that all out at a race that's local and only costs 50-60 bucks, vs the big show.
  15. AdvRob

    Going Legit

    That one may have got through the cracks. The only for sure way I knew to do it was to go exactly by the old DMV manual, that broke down the "non-complying" bikes by the "3" and "C" vins. See the old manual below. It only spoke to that only as far as what bikes can and cant. No mention of emissions labels, no info about CARB. just the VIN. Which gave all green sticker bikes free passes. I used to bring in my own copy of the manual and walk the teller through the process. Once they brought it up on their end just to make sure they had the same thing. The newest revision has all kinds of crap about emissions labels on the bike now. On top of the red/green sticker aka "3" and "C" bikes. With the newest manual and all that emissions label madness, I have nothing to fallback on with the DMV, other then "this worked last time!" Not enough for me to buy a bike, throw a bunch of cash on dual sport lighting and hoping it works. 556baller- the thread on TT is pretty much howI used to do it per the old process. Except you didn't need to involve CHP. The only guy that looked at my bikes were a dealer to do a light inspection. Never even brought a bike to the DMV. lights, statement of facts, title info, is all you needed a few years ago. ALWAYS walked out with plates with several DMVs. I still have the whole paperwork package saved if you want it or if anyone wants to give it a shot the old way. Old. this was the extent as far as complying bikes. red sticker, your outta luck. New. Not once, not twice, but several times throughout the "Dual registration" section CARB emissions labels are brought up. They closed the loop hole here a few years ago. Now I haven't come across any other way to do it. Maybe luck??