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  1. What did everyone clock for miles? we were at 765 total for the trip.
  2. Next to the romp in the OHV and lake loop with Eric this was was our second favorite trail rip for the trip! Black canyon up to white mountain observatory! Don't pay attention to our average speed i promise we ride faster than represented, we stopped a million times for photo shoots. such beauty up there, we will be going back! on' r
  3. Any idea when and where we will see the river crossing photos?
  4. Where at photos the the photographer guy took at the first river crossing in black canyon on they to white mnt.???
  5. Good dirty fun!!! IMG_3169.MOV
  6. By the way thanks for a great trip, met a lot of great people! Billie and myself felt welcome and Eric thanks for the hard work you put into this! Also thanks for letting us tag along with you, we had a great ride till the sand snakes started pulling my pig "1190R" to their den😳
  7. Awsome end to the trip, headed up to white mountain "the trail way"! we had a hail storm while checking out the observatory. check out this dude on the Beemer with his girl friend on the back😬
  8. Who cares who he is! To not pay his way is a dick move, plain and simple!
  9. Taylor and Billie are all packed up, see you guys in a few days in the DEZ. safe travels everyone and don't bring fire wood we have a full bed full👍Throttle on!
  10. We are trailor if the same route out of Antioch, I'm on rever but don't have tracks, been asking early in with no response's.
  11. If I had to choose I would get it. I have used mine trailed on 3 separate tire flats and couldn't imagine stacking rocks or trying to even lift the bike up onto those rocks to get the wheel upp the ground. lying a bike on its side to get a tire off is ludicrous, buy the stand..
  12. Hope I win some new skinz
  13. March in Panamint springs! Anyone willing to share their tracks for my Garmin Montana of the area we will be at? Thanks
  14. Nice I love the 990! yep, I have myself off road with this heavy mutha probably where I shouldn't have gone, but you know, what the hell its fun!
  15. Thank you, She is use to the power of 450R so it may take some getting use to less tractoring ability. very fun easy to ride machine!