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  1. We are trailor if the same route out of Antioch, I'm on rever but don't have tracks, been asking early in with no response's.
  2. If I had to choose I would get it. I have used mine trailed on 3 separate tire flats and couldn't imagine stacking rocks or trying to even lift the bike up onto those rocks to get the wheel upp the ground. lying a bike on its side to get a tire off is ludicrous, buy the stand..
  3. Hope I win some new skinz
  4. March in Panamint springs! Anyone willing to share their tracks for my Garmin Montana of the area we will be at? Thanks
  5. Nice I love the 990! yep, I have myself off road with this heavy mutha probably where I shouldn't have gone, but you know, what the hell its fun!
  6. Thank you, She is use to the power of 450R so it may take some getting use to less tractoring ability. very fun easy to ride machine!
  7. Billies my wifes new Bike, what a change from the 450!
  8. The wifes new ride!
  9. OK guys all paid and signed up! look forward to this event!
  10. Hello all you fellow ADV'ers, myself and my wife have been avid dirt riders for years, we moved to Brentwood ca "east of SF" from North Phoenix and sure miss riding out of our garage however we have found this area of the US to offer some excellent riding, Sierras, and the deserts south Mohave and death valley is where we spread our wings! We have done the NooB's ride with ADV out of Panimint springs the last couple of years and seen the sierra ride that is put together here and have signed up to join some of you in Aug. My name is Taylor and my wifes name is Billie, our last name is Rawak We have a couple of CRF450 r's for dirt bashing and I recently sold my GS11200 and bought KTM1190R. My wife has been illegal "dirt bike on the road" so we pick up her first street legal bike sunday down at Berts mega mall in Covina A spanking ne crf250L Rally, she is stoked but need to get her legs on the road, she will challenge some of the most seasoned off road riders but is new duel sport! With the kids out of the house "son in the Navy and daughter in LA going to school" we get a lot more us time so were hitting the open road! I spent several years racing Baja with a score trophy truck team and a couple co-driving a class 10 car while living in AZ. Ran 3 Baja 1000's and a couple of the San Filepe 250's, pre-running on bikes. Ive buit 3 pre-runner v8 long travel buggies and had a ball doing it but came back to our passion 2 wheeled machines! Anyway hello all, look forward to meeting some of you on the trail and at the High Sierra rally!
  11. Just joined XLADV, My name is Taylor, myself and my wife Billie will be going! looking forward to meeting you peeps and doing some rock bashing!