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  1. Rob Hoffmann

    Post your XL offroad photos

    I drove further and further to find more snow, until i was in Winter wonderland.
  2. Rob Hoffmann


    Back to topic, not sure if anyone is aware of this but I read multiple German articles about the changes in 2017 and how these changes will even more take effect in 2018: - it’s all about engagement: only if a post is relevant for a user it is displayed him on top of his feed, meaning if your are not giving enough signals to IG in the first 45 minutes the post is more likely to not grow as much in engagement as it could. There is a solution, kind of hacking the botting. There are groups coming together and if someone makes a post immediately sharing this in the group and anyone in it is liking and commenting it. It’s possible to trick IG algorithm that way, if it makes really sense to invest that much effort is up for question. - stories are getting more important, usage is skyrocketing. I would recommend also to use the story highlights, I’m still thinking about mine.. maybe I will save a video gallery of the bike clean, one dirty and one with me riding.. you can’t go wrong here, I think personal style is more important here. I think it’s 80-90% only for your followers, kind of a gimmick for existing fans not for new fans. - if u use bots you are screwed. Problem is IG using a simple logic there, if you are giving external apps/robots like simple analyzer tools the permission to access your account IG can rate this negatively and give you less visibility. - in the us there are shoppable posts now, maybe something to try by Eric? I don’t sell anything. that all from me, for now. all the best!
  3. Rob Hoffmann

    What did you do to your BMW today?

    No he is only producing stuff for the 100GS. I don’t know if there is a similar solution for a 1100GS, I would recommend one of the many skidplate solutions out there
  4. Rob Hoffmann

    Post your XL offroad photos

    I had some spare time on Christmas and went for a ride that last middle earth -ish picture was a lucky shot I love it and I think I’m going to frame it
  5. Rob Hoffmann

    Post your XL offroad photos

    The pics with me on the picture were taken by Peter Musch, he is the official BMW GS Trophy photographer and I was lucky he was there that day I had my training. Rest of the pictures are taken by me. First try with my first ‘real’ camera.
  6. Rob Hoffmann

    What did you do to your BMW today?

    It was a few months ago but I forget to write it down for you, so I’m doing this now. I bought the HPN a massive 8mm skidplate with a spacer in between for extra oil volume and therefor get rid of the BMW oil pan. I have around 2,3l oil volume so it’s not that much of a difference to 2l original. Many people are using the spacer AND the BMW oil pan to get 3 liters,I dont know what for, I’m not riding in the Sahara as slow as possible. It’s the biggest skidplate you can buy (at least in Germany) and the producer SWT Sports tested them on the MX track and on his journeys. So far, so good, it protected the bike pretty good already.
  7. Rob Hoffmann

    Post your XL offroad photos

    So much amazing KTM or Honda pictures in this thread, now its my turn again with some pictures from the recent training in the BMW offroad park Hechlingen
  8. Rob Hoffmann

    R100GS / HPN #819

    i wanted to update this once in a while, hope u like it
  9. Rob Hoffmann

    What did you do to your BMW today?

    Slight upgrades so far: FAR (KTM stock) foldable mirrors and the Acerbis Rallye Brush with spoilers. Next week there will be a few new parts, right before i leave for 4 days gravel roads in Friaul (Italy), I'll keep you posted
  10. Rob Hoffmann

    Touratech's BMW R9X to Ride at Romaniacs

    I think everyone wants that, they are loosing so much to KTM atm, im sure they are working on sth.. maybe this ist sth like a test run with touratech who knows.. downgrading the 1200cc to 1000cc aircooled shouldn't be the problem and would be a welcome change, 1200 isn't really needed on a much lighter bike.. I love mine, and I don't have to wait for BMW anymore to furfill my dreams..
  11. Rob Hoffmann

    Touratech's BMW R9X to Ride at Romaniacs

    Hi all, sry for the delay, so much on my plate right now, I'm between jobs.. it more or less translates to: "We did the first test kilometers and we wanted to start at the Romaniacs - the hardest endurorallye of the world - with this motorcycle. This will be a difficult job, the bike is heavier and also bigger, but we have big goals we want to achieve with this bike. First testdrive done, now we have to tune a bit here and there, the rear suspension needs to be a bit harder because of the overall weight so the overall balance will improve. Fun is always on board, i love a good challenge and this is a big one. A big adventure, 4 days in the romanian mountains, partly complete alone somewhere deep in the woods, and for me this is for me a welcome challange."
  12. Rob Hoffmann


    I really want to follow everyone in this forum who is active on instagram as far it is mostly moto related @Eric Hall is there a topic with just a list of all members where we maybe can simply add social media information like instagram, facebook, twitter..?
  13. Rob Hoffmann

    Name Rob Hoffmann's R100 GS/HPN!

    Hi there, thx @Eric Hall for creating this topic. I received a lot of potential names through instagram, facebook, here in the forum or via direct messages. Thank you all for that level of engagement! Great to be part of such a great commnity. The three names above are my top3 choices of all entries, most of the names were male names, and one person wrote a bike should have the sex you personally favor, so in my case, the bikes a 'she'. - Epona has something to to with the protector of horses or also protection of travellers in various religions and of course its the name of Link's horse in Legend of Zelda. - Hope was a suggestion via instagram, i think its classic and short, what do you think? - Mrs. Jones is up for debate, but also a funny and thoughful name. I wont say my personal favorite, maybe the mass is voting for the same name as i think they will.
  14. Rob Hoffmann

    The XLADV Store

    Where do I need to sign up? I'll definitely take one
  15. Rob Hoffmann

    R100GS / HPN #819

    nope it directly asks me for the subforum i want to create the new topic in. the only 3 female names after almost hundret comments for the poll are: Hope Mrs. Jones Epona