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  1. Getrad628

    2006 KTM 950 ADV

    Shoot me a text. 678-756-5766
  2. Getrad628

    2006 KTM 950 ADV

  3. Getrad628

    2006 KTM 950 ADV

    where to start.....with a lot of "life stuff" going on I have decided to put the 06 up there. Has a ton of extras....Oberon clutch slaveITG open air Intake setupRemus Rox titanium 2-1MotoZ tractionator desert HTSuperlite sprocketsWeld 86 skid plateAcerbis hand guardsAdded a volt gaugeHas a new gel batteryFront end has been rebuilt with SKF seals and sprung for my weightAirPro fork bleeder Has been jetted to accommodate the intake setupThis bike has treated me very well. I recently rode it 2600 miles on a trip up the east coast. Has been a great machine. It also is not a trailer bike. It has been ridden off-road a good bit. But with only 27k miles on it....has a lot more life left.I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. Mechanically sound as well. Best thing to do would be to call me 678-756-5766Title in hand bike is located in Woodstock, Ga6000 bucks.
  4. Getrad628


    Yea.....I just couldn't justify the money spent. The Garmin was very glitchy and moody to say the least. Gaia GPS app paired with spot gen3 keeps me safe a does the job. ?
  5. Getrad628

    Faulty SOS on Garmin

    Thought this might be useful https://andrewskurka.com/2017/garmin-responds-faulty-sos-lock-button-inreach-se-explorer/
  6. Getrad628

    Northbound on a 950

    A few more taken with the Nikon
  7. Getrad628

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    Not sure why it did that.....just double checked my gpx file on my garmin and it's right. Guess it was lost in translation. Go ahead and delete that one and I'll upload the right one. Sorry about that
  8. Getrad628

    ADVTracks.eu: GPX sharing website and community

    Easy.....until you get on a foot path
  9. Getrad628

    Northbound on a 950

    Going through a bunch of pictures and video still. Ended up getting home Thursday around midnight. After an 860 mile day.....I was beat. Grand total of miles clocked came to 2600 miles with 350 spent off road. Had an absolute blast and got to hang with old friends and meet new ones. More to come.....
  10. Getrad628

    Northbound on a 950

    Here's a few from the trip so far. Was absolutely blasted by rain for 350 miles on Friday. Ended up opting for a hotel room and a pizza the first night. Been a great trip so far and still going!!!
  11. Getrad628

    Northbound on a 950

    Prepping and packing....tonight and tomorrow. Stoked for Friday!!
  12. Getrad628

    Northbound on a 950

    Hey everybody, A little intro for starts. My name is Chad. I like motorcycles. The end..... Just Kidding The main reason for this post is to track the progress of my week long solo trip north on my KTM 950 adventure. I will be leaving May 12th from Woodstock, GA and will be going as far north as Upstate NY. Lots of rides planned while I'm up there including riding from Maryland to Bald eagle state park...all off road. Pics to follow as I get read to depart ?
  13. Getrad628

    Garmin inReach Explorer+

    It drives my wife crazy that I ride by myself…..off road….in the middle of nowhere. I have been looking for something for quite sometime that would allow me to communicate with her, letting her know all is well and what my current location is (I know some people don’t want their wife to know where they are but I do). I have also been in the market for a new GPS setup (the phone stopped cutting it a long time ago). That said, my options were looking like I was going to need two separate units to keep the wife at easy and to tell me where I’m going. At this point I couldn’t even decide which device to buy first.. Then I found out that Garmin (GPS company giant) had bought Delorme (manufacture behind inReach satellite communication systems and software) and had just come out with the inReach Explorer+. I did the math and by the time I had bought a GPS and a tracking/SOS (?) texting device, I could spend the same money and get an all in one. So I went and checked one out at the local outdoor retailer. As I walked out with my new purchase, I was having some buyer's remorse. The Explorer+ IS 450 bucks. “Man…..that’s a lot of jack. But i can always return it” I said to myself….. Upon getting home, I promptly did my best impression of the unboxing therapy guy “ohhh shiny!”. Before you can use your Explorer+, you need to get a subscription. I opted for the “Flex” plan that allows you to stop service at anytime (I don’t do much riding when it gets REALLY cold) and at $14.95 a month…..it’s affordable. You can also sign a 1 year contract and prices for that start at $12.95 a month. I created an account and got everything synced up on the computer and presto….we are off. Like most Garmin GPS units the buttons are very easy to use with gloves on and the color screen is surprisingly detailed and much easier to see at glance than a cell phone. The ease of use was another plus. The real slick part with the Earthmate app (on your phone) is that it can pair with the Explorer+ via bluetooth and use the GPS’ satellite signal without cellular service (or with it). You can also use the app to type out the text messages that would take a little too long with the Explorer+’s buttons. It also shares ride reports, waypoints and routes to your phone. It was a week or so before I was able to do a real world test with it. So, Easter morning, bright and early I headed north into the Cherokee National forest. I was looking for an excuse to say “I really don’t NEED this” but it turns out that I do need it and I am sold. This unit works flawlessly. It sends out “trackpoints” every 10 minutes (which you can increase or decrease in Settings) the check in text I sent to my wife came through and it even showed me trails that I wouldn’t have seen on other maps. They also make a cradle setup that I have since purchased and setup on a Ram mount in my dash area. If I added a large format roll chart I’ll start thinking I’m a Dakar Rally Racer. All in all the Explorer+ is a great unit and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a GPS/inReach all in one unit. Bravo Garmin!! Pros: Easy to use Operating system works excellent Text feature is awesome Cons: It's not cheap Also needs a supscription Bottom line: This unit works so well that I am able to overlook the cons. Fact of the matter is, the price came close to scaring me away. I'm glad I over looked it.