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  1. millieonthemove

    The Adventure Rally - Sierra 2017

    (Woman crush Wednesday)... so many damn unicorns at that event.
  2. millieonthemove

    A short from Taste of Dakar 2016

    Great video! @Steve_Kamrad was there this year (without me.....ugh) and made his own (try not to laugh when he sends it....right off a sand dune) ....
  3. millieonthemove

    REV'IT! Women's Gear

    Many gear companies avoid this simple fact; the best gear that you, personally, will buy is the gear that you will actually put on your body and wear each time you get on a bike. Having owned a neck brace for the past year without having worn it more than two miles (if you look closely at my pictures from my CO/UT BDR trip last year you'll notice it got quite a ride on the back of my bike), I'm a prime example of this. So I was skeptical of the REV'IT Neck Brace Adventure but, having the opportunity to try it out as a member of the Women's Adventure team, I figured I owed my over-used spine/neck the shot that this one would be different from the others. SO DIFFERENT. This brace has a smaller footprint than many on the market (no data behind these comments, just from experience), and seems more....approachable? Horrible way to phrase it, but on seeing one of these things on a mannequin in the REV'IT booth at the ADVMOTO Rally last fall it was something I wanted to TRY ON, rather than some of these others I've tried for size where I felt like I was approaching an electric chair. It has a soft (washable) covering so it doesn't chafe your neck, and is easy to adjust (saying a lot since these things are mostly made for men) and put on. No issues with my Sena, helmet straps, my braid out the back (serious consideration when your previous neck brace grabbed your braid and wouldn't let you turn your head back straight), or anything else. I've worn this thing out every time since I've fitted it to myself, and have never had an issue with it. In fact, the only time I've 'felt' it is when approaching a near vertical (it felt like it) hill climb - the brace did its job and stopped me from over extending my neck backwards. To visualize, it stopped me from looking at the sky directly above my head. Regular hills, checking out the weather admiring the trees, etc. are totally fine with this brace (I'm wearing it in the picture above, and in all of my recent pictures on instagram: @millieonthemove) The only gripe I have with this brace is that it is designed for integration with the men's REV'IT! Jackets out there. You guys with the Sand 3 and the Cayenne Pro have clever little clips that you can use to attach the neck brace to (yes, that's what those are for, SO WHY DON'T YOU OWN AND WEAR THE BRACE?). Everyone else (me included) has to use the harness attachment to secure it it to ourselves (here's hoping the ladies adventure jackets also get this clip feature soon). Neck braces are serious gear that even the not so serious rider should consider riding with. Not going into the data, these things are worth their weight in gold if you happen to be in a crash that involves head movement. And they're not just for the racers out there who do 90 on crazy terrain. Having had a concussion from a 10mph crash, I can attest that the slow speed offs can do just as much damage. That said, you need to actually wear the thing to get the benefit. The REV'IT! Neck Brace is by far the sleekest, most user friendly one I've seen on the market. I love mine and now consider it part of my required gear. I SERIOUSLY URGE you to consider getting a neck brace that you'll wear (try this one on!) before your next adventure ride. No matter the retailer, they're expensive, but totally worth it. For more of the technical details check it out: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-adventure-neck-brace ATGATT ladies!
  4. millieonthemove

    REV'IT! Women's Gear

    Hey Ladies - checking in to review the REV'IT! Neptune GTX suit. For a little backstory here - I came into ADV a few years ago before anyone was really making an ADV worthy suit for women. What followed was a few years of ill-fitting men's gear, or MX gear with grotesquely shaped chest protectors....Fast forward to this REV'IT! Neptune suit showing up just in time for my fall season thanks to the REV'IT! WOMEN'S ADV TEAM. The pants: This gear fits a little differently from what you might be used to - no baggy butts here - but with a good range of sizing (and inseam sizes), I found a size that worked for me pretty easily. Of course, I recommend trying it on..... The pants are at what I would consider a slightly higher than average rise and have an awesome panel in the back that stretches when you bend - no feeling cut off at the middle when your gear doesn't bend with you, or plumbers crack. The pants are slightly more fitted than you may be used to, but they don't restrict your movement - I picked up my bike all day long on a few rides and never felt like I couldn't bend or kneel in it. The jacket: has adjustable waist details that move in and out AND up and down to you can get the gear fitting properly. Not just to look good - but important to ensure that the armor sits where it needs to. The suit: I found it perfect to wear all winter. The interior liner worked for the coldest of days, and on those fall/spring days that start out cold and warm up, the vents are all really well placed. The size of those vents is one of the main reasons I won't be wearing this suit all year long. I'm a sweaty betty, and as I tend to lean towards more dual sport focused events (struggle!), I need a little more ventilation than normal. If you plan on riding slightly less difficult trails, or two up (respect!) you could wear this thing all year long. The material isn't at all scratchy, and can hold off slight rain/water crossings without becoming wet. Haven't had to zip in the interior liner yet.....As what I would call an average sized women, the suit fits well and doesn't restrict my movement at all. The interior armor: this SEEFLEX stuff is great! much lighter weight than some of my earlier riding gear's armor, much more flexible, and yet still rated super high for impact protection. I got a back protector to add to the jacket (doesn't come with one) and I can't tell it's in there at all. The rest of the armor sits in the right place and doesn't get in the way. Also, I shouldn't really mention this last, but the suit LOOKS awesome on. And while protection is first, and ability to ride in it is second, I still don't want to look frumpy...and frumpy is the last word I would use for this suit. As my first real women's suit, I have to say I'm very impressed. The quality is super high - easy to open vents with just one hand - and even pretty easy to close when you forget they're open and jump on the highway, soft lining in the collar, multi-way pockets, softness/protectiveness of the material (even inside when wearing just a tank top). After 6 months of riding in this suit, I don't want to put it away for the summer season.... Note: those of you with MX boots, try these pants on with the boots. I had an issue getting the pants over my boots (big boots, wide calves), but was able to wear them tucked if I buckled my boots carefully.
  5. millieonthemove

    REV'IT! Women's Gear

    On Monday I posted a review of the REV'IT! MENS Discovery OutDry boots to the review section of this site. Might think it's strange to start off with a review of a men's product on a women's gear page, but aside from a helmet, boots are one of the most important things we ADV riders can invest in....ladies these boots come in sizing that should fit most of you, and I highly recommend you try them out if you're on the search for a super protective ADV boot! Check out the review here:
  6. millieonthemove

    REV'IT! Women's Gear

    Hey Gals, As a member of REV'IT's first women's ADV team, I get to test out some of their products throughout the year and give you guys (and them) my honest review. I put this page together in the hopes that some of you might have your questions answered, or I might help you find gear that works for you. Me: I ride a Husaberg 390 that I bought after selling my BMW650GS. I know it's not an XLADV - but I'm fairly certain the things I do on it hold up to the things you gals on 1200's do....except I have to balance myself on a tiny seat on any tarmac. You can most often find me deep in single track, waiting for my husband to un-bury his Triumph Tiger from whichever situation he got himself into being the dumb guy on an adventure bike at a DualSport event. My Gear: I've ridden in a huge array of gear - from the $100 jacket that I bought when starting out, to street gloves, men's boots, and improperly fitting helmets (SO many of those - seriously go to an actual store with knowledgeable staff to buy a helmet. PLEASE). I jumped at the chance to get on this women's team because I've struggled SO much with the gear I've had. That feeling of being slowly strangled by your jacket is not pleasant. Hating the fact that the chest plate you bought because it was a 'women's' product fits so high your helmet crashes into it. Been there. I could go on. I'm going to give you my opinion of this gear - and I'll try to check back in to give you long term reviews as well. And perhaps I'll draft a few of my other 'team' members into the review process so you can hear from more than just me. Amelia (Aka millieonthemove at Instagram)
  7. millieonthemove

    REVIT Discovery Outdry Boots

    A review for women.... I know from experience that it's hard to find a women's ADV boot that ticks all the boxes. The women's boots seem to always be less protective, and the men's boots never come in a small in enough size to fit.I've been wearing men's MX boots ever since I took a trip out to Colorado/Utah and decided it was time to upgrade to the most protective boot possible. However, those boots aren't as realistic to wear to most ADV or Dual Sport events - getting off my bike and walking anywhere felt like I was fighting my boots more than wearing them. I'll keep those boots for the aggressive rides that I go on, but I've now upgraded to a much more comfortable MENS boot: the REV'IT! Discovery OutDry, for my everyday riding for a number of reasons: - they come in sizes small enough for most women - starting at a size 38 (approx size 7 I think). I wear a size 8 to 8.5 normally (with high arches) and have the size 39s.- they're super protective - for a detailed breakdown of the spiffy protection points, check out that RevZilla video....I *luckily* haven't had to test this part out yet- they're comfortable to ride in - when I first put them on I was a tiny bit worried they were small. As soon as I got on the pegs they felt fine - I suspect that the team designing these boots knew what they were doing....as if they were designed to be worn for hours on end on pegs....hmm.....-they're comfortable to walk in - running up hill to help a friend was no big deal. Not possible in my old boots, and many other boots I've tried on-they're waterproof. Not resistant. proof. and I've tested that.....-they're easy to get on and off - no finger pinching clips - they have a BOA system (kind of like a ski/snowboard boot) with a velcro panel overtop, and built in pulls (also like a snowboard boot) to help get them on.cons....no half sizes. might feel a tiny bit snug off the pegs - but that also might be my half size and preference to have a smaller boot than a big one. I'm sure there is something specific here in the design that designates them as a Men's boot - but I haven't figured out what!I'm really liking these boots - and I know the struggle that is finding a boot that works. I'll touch base again at the end of the year to let you know how they hold up!