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  1. JOHN357

    Rider Found Dead in Death Valley

    rip. never ride alone in these conditions and without a communication channel immediately available. there are many things to boost our safety when we ride alone. please use them
  2. JOHN357

    Carlsbad Jacket from KLiM

    I will let you know as soon as i have it. I talked with the guys and they said they are releasing pants as well. So i am probably ordering them since the price will be 350EUR shipping included.
  3. JOHN357

    Carlsbad Jacket from KLiM

    Klim is top when it comes to textile quality but it is so overpriced you can buy another bike with this money. Aprt from that i can't see any serious reason to justify it's price. I am going to get the Siima Sibirksy which is half the price, guranteed waterproof with extra lay that goes on top, hydration pocket and a removable full 360 degree of the shell layer to transform it into a summer net. No more wasting money on big brands even though i aknoledge their quality on the textile.