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  1. Thank you very much!Really appreciated!I think it's not easy to favorite one from your great pictures.The power is that when you post one many people like me want to take their bike and get out and explore and that's the real deal!
  2. IG is the only social media i use,i don't have a facebook profile and i spend some time reading articles at some motorcycle forums here in Greece and XLADV. At IG i have to say that i can deal with the way it works.I think i follow most of the people i see here.Among them,persons with many many many miles at the saddle like michnus ,rtwpaul, polarnomad, dominique and others that i maybe forget right now but i respect them the same,,Eric with XLADV page with huge numbers of followers out there sharing the passion of riders for adv riding makes an amazing effort. For me the first is to have fun riding,As i say to my IG account i just fooling around with my bike and post pictures from my rides. https://www.instagram.com/a_lone_rider/
  3. Fixed!
  4. Is tapatalk active?Its easier for me to log in from tapatalk,I follow xladv but when I try to log in from tapatalk is always a failure.At the second image the message is connection failed.I have try many times but every time is the same message.Any suggestions?Thanks.
  5. At my bike without choke ~1100 rpm,with choke ~2000rpm,so in my case no useless at all,especially for engine starts at low temperatures.
  6. Check the chain slides,i don't know if i use the proper words. If it has moved from its position the upper slide usually makes noise but it hasn't other symptom because the tensioner puts it back in its place, the lower slider needs more attention. There is an incident that the lower slide had to be checked, it was not even there, it had been "eaten" by the chain and gear.Even there the only symptom was a metallic noise when engine was hot,at the left cylinder.I am sure you will find the source of the tapping noise and fix it.You care about your bike and do things, that is good for both of you.
  7. Good job.Any news from the tapping or Xenon?
  8. Hi Martijn!Nice bike!I like very much the black engine. Welcome!
  9. Not the first time i enjoy that trip!Thanks again.I wish the best for the upcoming adventures!
  10. Epic! @Stara__Varos is a restless traveler!Thanks for sharing man!
  11. Thanks a lot and nice to see you @Stara__Varos! Οι υποψίες σου είναι και η αλήθεια,καλώς σε βρήκα και πάλι.Μακάρι και ελπίζω να γίνει!
  12. Nice ride today here in central Greece with good weather for motorcycle.Every weather is good for riding but when you check the weather forecasts and inform about heavy rain,storms etc is the best motivation because most of the times nothing like that happens.What can happen is stay inside and go mad because you heard them and you did not go.
  13. Hi all.I ride a '02 BMW R1150GS.Riding my GS is my passion and i try to ride as much as i can on or off road.I wish you all have nice rides!