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  1. rider_marc

    GPS Devices

    Yeah, I've missed a few turns due to having the wrong zoom level. I did use the 62stc and Zumo395 together on the AT this past summer. The Zumo worked great for roads and even jeep trails, but the 62stc was always with a route off pavement.
  2. rider_marc

    Wolfman Luggage Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags

    Really like these bags. Not so large. Easy to mount to rack. Straps work well to tighten up the contents.
  3. After watching the recent XLADV story in IG about this topic, other postings in IG have me wondering--maybe concerned really. Other IG postings (video) of some pretty awesome riding show riders traversing down a small stream or undisturbed, green ground cover having new tracks and ruts cut into it. None of these posters are stating they are on private or public lands and without that, it has me wondering how much this works well for groups such as the Sierra Club. Think about it. If these videos are not helping the fight to protect what riding areas are now available, maybe they are hurting. Not all social media content can be put into this harmful-to-the-sport arena. Everyone helps where/when they can. First, and not a new message, is to ride responsibly. Then, join a club or organization and support with time, money, or both. The Sierra Club has 3.5 million members. The American Motorcyclist Association has less than 250k at any given point in the current year! (I'll hit my 21st year of membership this year). Though I do not live in California and have only ridden some off-highway lands twice since 2015, I recently donated some funds to C.O.R.V.A. Really though, I am suspecting that there is no shortage of off-road motorcycles being clearly ridden off of trails or roads that are used against us by members of groups such as the Sierra Club. Just a thought and comment...
  4. Good post regarding fuel filters. From past experience the size of the filter makes a difference too. Consider the fuel filter in my (previously-owned) Concours 14. This is after a year and a half from new with approximately 14k miles. The bike was doing the herky-jerky under hard acceleration and higher rpm's. Though not replaceable I researched a replacement and found one from a side-by-side. Some of the debris was magnetic. I replaced the built-in fuel filter at each valve clearance check. At the other end of fuel filter talk, my previous Nissan Frontier did 165k miles and I never replaced the filter.
  5. Researching knee braces has been informative. It became easy to sort through search results that often included knee/shin guards. There are knee braces that seem to non-motorcycle related and closer to medical/injury related. These do not have a knee cap guard. So, during the research I simply eliminated those without a knee cap guard and of coarse the simple knee/shin guards. There is a good selection out there. EVS, Leatt, POD, and Asterisk for example. Prices vary a bit. I find myself gravitating to the Leatt X-Frame. I like the knee cap guard and how it is supported by the other parts of the brace; so, it appears that an impact to the knee can be absorbed into areas above and below the knee. Also, that there is attention to the construction in that the lower support is claimed to be thinner and fit into boots better. The X-Frame cost seems to be in the middle range. If one can wear a sm/med size brace, Revzilla/CycleGear have the C-Frame on close-out. Wish I could. Here is a link to an article written by a first-time use of knee braces. https://www.keeferinctesting.com/gear-2/2018/4/9/leatt-x-frame-knee-brace-review Maybe it is time for me to get a pair.
  6. rider_marc

    XLADV Merchandise Thread

    Got stickers? Still have some patches?
  7. rider_marc

    USB Id Blacelet

    I've been using the Epic ID since June 2015. Getting a computer to read/acknowledge the USB can be finicky. Mine works and ride with it all the time. Still, I wonder if there is testimony for medical personnel on the usefulness.
  8. rider_marc

    Best Small Tents?

    Well it's two years since the last reply containing a picture of Eric, but I have used a Marmot 2P tent since 2014. It's faded, but had been a great tent. Last year it was going up and down so frequently I just pulled stakes and left the cords attached!
  9. rider_marc

    Sleeping bag choices

    I have used an REI bivy sack from REI and a fleece sleeping bag. Oh, and a self-inflating mattress pad inside the bivy. It's always rolled up tight. Great for warmer nights, but below 40 degrees, I'm adding clothing!
  10. rider_marc

    Carlsbad Jacket from KLiM

    I have really like the Carlsbad jacket since debut; and, added it to my wish list at RevZilla. Why I did not purchase one is because I am/was after a Gore-Tex shell than can be worn on cool mornings and then compactly stowed. My upper protection is a Leatt 5.5 and so the jacket needs to fit over that rig. Last year on the 690 I used an old Joe Rocket. While it was warm enough in cool mornings, I was soaked in a Colorado July rain shower. Also, in the running is the Klim Traverse which arrived recently once the gray color was available earlier this year. It's the bomb for me! Fits great over the Leatt and I can ball it up to my liking for storage. Heck, I could even wear this thing walking around town. Oh and by the way, an REI branded Gore-Tex jacket is $280 without the abrasion resistant shoulders and elbows. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/klim-traverse-jacket
  11. rider_marc

    Going Legit

    Several years (2012) back Montgomery County turned down my request to register my WR400F which had a legit TN title (purchased new). After moving to Colorado I felt it was possible, but didn't want to spend cash on components to make it street as I didn't feel it to be a sure thing. I sold the WR and knew I would get a dual sport. 8-( Crazy thing is just a county or two south of Nashville, or in eastern TN, folks are getting plates for off-road bikes. Now, I am seeing SxS's being driven in the streets around me now. Times are changing, or personnel at the DMV's are rubber-stamping. Not sure.
  12. I've been using Nonoise for a few years now. They do a pretty-good job at reducing wind noise yet allow me to hear my music and gps guidance from the helmet speakers--a gutted Sony headset. Also, I can converse wearing them to some degree. When I refuel and have to go into the store, I usually remove one of them. The only problem with the Nonoise is the short tube for removal.
  13. Is there a recommendation for effective, quality knee braces?
  14. rider_marc

    Motoz Tires

    Just mounted an e-805 and don't like the look or how the tread lays out for what would be lean angles on pavement. ? Maybe it's nothing. Really interested in off pavement traction. I'll be real close to Slaven's next month and will see what he has for Motoz.
  15. rider_marc

    Restart by Antigravity Batteries

    Wow! That's one light battery!