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  1. Honda and Yamaha with their CRF450X's and WR450F's respectively are about to lose-out on a niche segment! Again.
  2. Quite some detailed record-keeping! My expense logs for several adventures around the US roll up to a cost per day. Lodging has been a mixture of tent, cabin, and hotel. So, food, fuel, and lodging expenses varied between $70 to $101 per day--mostly in the $90/day range. The occasional hotel room (convenience) have had the biggest impact on expenses. Restaurants are the second highest expense.
  3. When you mentioned the thought of a 690/701, I was thinking a 450 would be better. Now, you should have a good time in the dunes!
  4. REI has Spot III for $75, and a store associate tells me $75 rebate is occasionally run. If/when it happens again, please post that here if observed.
  5. Though not a charity, the American Motorcyclist Association is worthwhile as they are the voice of motorcyclists with their finger on the pulse a topics relating to our sport. Recently, their grass-roots efforts put a California Bill (S.B. 249) into permanent law where the California OHV program will thrive--with funding too. Also, the fight against E15 at the pumps where most motorcycles only approve E10 (maximum) for use. The EPA had some really stupid assumptions and recommendations for motorcycles such as pumping a minimum of four gallons to ensure proper fueling. Remember a couple of years ago where kid's motorcycles such as CRF-50's and PW-50's were banned from sale because frame paint contained lead and it was feared that kids might eat this paint? Yeah, for real. The bill was targeting kids toys and these motorcycles were caught in the net. Groups (and kids) marched on Washington with a "we just want to ride" mantra to exclude small motorcycles. They won and these bikes are again legal to sell in the US. http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/ At least catch their posts with https://www.instagram.com/ama_riding/ and https://twitter.com/ama_rights https://twitter.com/ama_riding
  6. Found this at advtracks and figured to mention this because having just discovered the ADVtracks website, I find it useful. I also see a couple of XLADV members have posted tracks too. https://advtracks.online/tracks/view/303_beyond_starbucks_gold_route
  7. Center stand with the AT, but do have a PowerStands Valentino Max for swing arms. Used this stand with the former Z1000 and 690ER. It's a one-person set-up as the handle faces forward with a bike. Then, the handle detaches to get out of the way if needed. There is also a TrackMaster stand that will prop-up the front wheel when placed at the bottom of fork legs--just need to see if it will work with the 21" front of the AT. If not, I will try the swing arm stand with a prop under the engine/skid-plate. That will be soon with tires sitting in the garage waiting to be installed.
  8. Thanks for the update Eric! Sounds like you'll survive. Better, because your planned activities are not going to slow down!
  9. Having seen many posts on IG about this gathering in Baja, I have no idea what it is about. Is this a race, or a gathering of sorts. I'm clueless. Please let me know. Heck, there may be others unaware of the event's existence. Thanks in advance.
  10. What! You hid that detail of breaking a rib in this post. Even with IG, I didn't catch this. Dude, I'm sure you are coping as best as possible. Being down there I have no idea what medical help is available. For me, it would be a "suck-it-up-and-get-back" event. My suspicion is this is exactly what you are doing. Keep us posted.
  11. Nice arrangement @motochefarwi. Once the rims are converted to tubeless, I can at least take the spare rear tube out of the E12's. Plenty of space for a day trip as you mentioned. When I wonder where an extra 50 pounds of excess weight is located on the AT, 😁 it makes adding hard racks difficult. Still have a couple of months to decide... 😶
  12. I realize the AT will need a panniers rack and I'm not thrilled about having to install one. Gonna ease into the rack.
  13. Any update on this tire?
  14. My story is as another mentioned, and likely as others have evolved, in that I started in my first year as a teenage with a Honda 100, followed by a Honda MT125 that I bought new. A KLX650, WR400F, and many street bikes and some road-racing laps later, I picked up a 690R a year ago this month for use out west. The 690R is gone and a Honda AT is in place. I will be getting out west again in early 2018, but will not self-deploy with the AT. It will be trailered across the two days of the mid-west states into my first destination in Colorado. This will begin my big-bike adventures. Mostly a basecamp arrangement, but I can foresee times when an overnight adventure is always an option. Having ridden the Concours 14 over 50k miles going and seeing places, I realized there were dirt roads that looked interesting, and also that I was zooming through areas I needed to explore in more depth. This is the basis for the basecamps. So, we'll see how this works out for me, and already leaning forward to the departure and the AT is getting set-up nicely.
  15. More and more, I'm gravitating towards soft bags (larger) as I'm currently using Wolfman E-12's. The E-12's are loaded with tools and spares, yet still have some space available, but there will be times I could use more space. Just need to dig into the details of the different Wolfman saddlebags.